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My Summer Uniform?: The Summer Caye Pants

Love Notions has just released a new pattern, which happens to be my ideal summer pants, so I was quite excited that I got to be a tester for the Summer Caye Pants (affiliate link). And apologies in advance for the photo-heavy post — it was so hard to pick photos to use!

Creative Counselor: Summer Caye Pants

** Disclaimer: I am one of Love Notions’ paid pattern testers, which means that I received a small stipend for testing and writing about this pattern.  My non-compensated love for Love Notions has been well-documented in recent months, but I fully recognize that receiving compensation can impact opinions, whether consciously or unconsciously.

If you’ve browsed RTW either in stores or online this season, it doesn’t take long to see that breezy, wide leg pants are IN.  Like seriously in.  And I LOVE it!  These pants are totally my style.  It occurred to me the other day that with this pattern, it feels like I’ve finally found MY style.

Creative Counselor: Summer Caye Pants

That’s something that I’ve been struggling with the last few years — finding a style that works with all aspects of my life.  Things that work for the office but also transition well to my role at home as mom and doer-of-all-the-things.  Not every garment or style fits both of those roles.  It needs to be something that looks professional but is really comfortable and easy wear and that I can dress up or down.

The wonderful thing about the Summer Caye Pants is that I can easily dress them up for work, but when I get home I don’t feel the need to change my clothes when I walk in the door.  Because why would I WANT to take off these pants?

Creative Counselor: Summer Caye Pants

I ended up making 4 pairs during the testing period for this pattern. I’m only showing you 3 because the first pair I made was from the original version of the pattern, and it changed significantly after that version.  These are all from what is basically the final version of the pattern, so they should give a really good idea of how the final pattern fits.

Creative Counselor: Summer Caye Pants

This pattern comes with two different leg widths — palazzo and wide leg.  All of mine are palazzo.  I love my palazzos but I definitely plan to make a couple pairs of wide leg pants also.  There are also 4 different lengths and 3 hem styles included as well.

The waistband is constructed with a flat front and elastic at the back.  I really like the smooth look that gives the front of the pants.  Confession: Before testing, I was advocating for a slimmer fit all through the waist and hip with a side zip closure.  I lost out to the majority vote, though 🙂

Creative Counselor: Summer Caye Pants

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical of these capris when I first made them.  I loved them on some of the other testers, but I wasn’t sure I would love them on ME.  But after stepping away for a day or two and seeing these photos, I am definitely warming up to them!  They’re a little out of my comfort zone, but that’s good every now and then.  I think I may even make another pair of capris, this time in a drapey suiting that hopefully is better behaved than this rayon challis 🙂

Creative Counselor: Summer Caye Pants

Let’s talk briefly about fabric.  This pattern needs fabric with a lot of drape, particularly the palazzos.  A sturdier fabric could work with the wide legs, but the palazzos really do look best with lots of drape.  My green pants are made with a poly/rayon linen look fabric from Joann’s.  That’s right, poly and Joann’s — two things that normally make me cringe but this fabric was perfect for these pants.  I might even go back and get more in other colors!  The black is Nicole Miller Tencel, also from Joann’s.  This fabric is beautifully soft and drapey and also perfect for these pants.  The purple was my least favorite to work with from a fabric standpoint, at least for these pants.  It’s a rayon challis from Imagine Gnats.  It’s a really nice fabric, but kept trying to stretch out something fierce during construction.

Creative Counselor: Summer Caye Pants

And one of the best things about these pants?  The way they MOVE!  They are so breezy, and I love how fluid they are when I walk.  I tried to capture that in a photo, but it was tough.

Creative Counselor: Summer Caye Pants

These are amazingly fast for a pair of pants.  It takes me about two hours of sewing to finish a pair, pockets and everything.  Since I can basically finish them in an evening, I need several more pairs to round out my summer wardrobe!

Pattern: Summer Caye Pants (affiliate link) by Love Notions

Price: $8.95 (currently on sale for $7.00)

Size: 8

Difficulty:  Advanced Beginner.

Techniques Required: Pants fitting, sewing elastic and casings, sewing curbed seams.

Similar Patterns:  Patterns for Pirates Straight Palazzos (knit only), Jocole Wide-Leg Pants (yoga waistband), Greenstyle Aspen Pants (yoga waistband).

Fabric:  Green — poly/rayon blend from Joann’s.  Black — Nicole Miller Tencel from Joann’s.  Purple — Rayon challis from Imagine Gnats.

Fit:  Good.  These are nice and loose in the leg, more fitted in the hip, but I can still get them on and off over my hips really easily.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: PDF.


  • Very on-trend style with the super wide leg.
  • No closures, which makes them beginner friendly.
  • Fast construction, particularly for pants.
  • Front pockets!  I love having front pockets to attach my office entry fob.
  • Lots of hem and length options.  Two leg width options too.


  • The very wide leg silhouette wil be challenging for a lot of people.  But it’s so flattering on so many bodies, that I hope they give it a shot!
  • I was actually advocating for a slimmer waist and hip and a zip closure during testing, but I lost out :). I would prefer a smoother fit over the bum, but these are still cute and comfy.

Overall Grade: B+.  These are cute, comfortable, quick, and very on trend.  Hard to beat that!

*Disclaimer: I received this pattern free of charge for testing and received a small stipend for testing and writing about this pattern after its release.  As always, I do my best to remain objective.

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