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B2b: Styling a basic tee

One of the reasons that so many of us hate to sew basic items is that they just seem so boooooring.  I used to be like that too.  But then I started working more with solids and discovered that it’s not nearly so boring to make something that I know I will wear. A lot.  So today let’s talk about styling and some of the many ways in which you might wear those basic tees you’re making this week:

Back to Basics: Styling a basic tee

There’s nothing more basic than a white t-shirt right?  Audrey at Putting Me Together is one of my favorite fashion bloggers because her look is just so approachable.  Here is one of the many ways in which she styled a basic tee.  You can see a plethora of other looks she put together here.

Back to Basics: Styling a basic tee

Merrick’s Art is another of my favorite fashion blogs.  Merrick does amazing things with basic pieces as well, just like this black t-shirt.  I know a lot of us love stripes, and what better way to let a wide stripe shine than to pair it with a basic black tee.  You can see more of Merrick’s black tee styling here.

Back to Basics: How to style a tshirt

And here’s Merrick’s take on a gray tee (I told you she is a fave of mine).  Seriously, no one does basics like she does!

Back to Basics: Styling a t-shirt

There’s a Pinterest board dedicated to this Back to Basics challenge, so if you’re struggling for patterns or styling ideas, definitely check it out.

Basics definitely don’t have to be boring!  Pair them with one of the many beautiful prints in your closet, and both pieces become eminently more wearable 🙂


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