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B2B: My plan

Back 2 Basics 2016

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Okay, we’ve all had a couple of weeks to gather patterns and fabric, and hem and haw over what our wardrobe really needs.  I’ve been doing the same thing.

But eventually it’s time to commit.  I’ve been going back and forth about garments and patterns for the last couple of weeks, but my plan all became clear to me when I went to get dressed for work this morning.

I opened up my closet and realized that I currently own 1 pair of work pants — my green and blue leopard print Sabrina Slims.  And while I love those pants (they fit great and they make my butt look nice), they’re certainly not the most versatile garment in my wardrobe.  So pants are an obvious need.

Then I was looking for a cardigan to wear and I really wanted a pink or blue, but all I had was charcoal and khaki.  I found myself thinking how often I would wear a colored cardigan, and how many outfits a pink or blue cardigan would complete.  Add those to the list.

I’ve also decided that I want more woven garments in my wardrobe.  Knits are easy and comfortable and take very little fitting, but I want to take my wardrobe up a notch.  I’m a 36-year-old attorney, and I kind of want to look the part.  And that means a lot fewer knits and a lot more wovens, and hence a lot more fitting.

So while I had originally planned a pile of tanks, tees and cardigans, my plan has shifted slightly.  During my Back to Basics week, I plan to work on the following:

The chances of getting through ALL of this in just a week is pretty slim, but I’ll give it the good ol’ college try, and if I take a little longer, so be it 🙂

8 thoughts on “B2B: My plan

  1. Thanks for sharing your plan! I usually sew stuff so randomly (i.e., whatever I feel like making when inspiration strikes), but I love the idea of focusing my efforts to make sure my wardrobe has the foundation it needs.

  2. I’m so glad that my wardrobe is strictly casual. I can’t imagine trying to keep 2 wardrobes, a work one and then a casual one. But I know that once you’ve got your patterns muslined, sewing up a bunch of things from it is the easy part. I can’t wait to get started filling in the basics for my capsule.

    1. That’s what I struggle with the most. As much as I like for my clothes to pull double duty, as I get further away from the weight and size fluctuations of pregnancy and postpartum, I just don’t like having so many casual pieces in my work wardrobe. I’m moving towards having separate wardrobes for work and home, which probably means the work wardrobe will get a lot bigger and the home wardrobe smaller. And for work, I kind of want to move to at least 75% woven garments. I’ll have a knit cardigan or shirt here and there, but otherwise all woven. That’s going to take some work…

  3. thanks for doing this. I have my five basic V-necks done… but I need to add a couple of pants and cardi’s also a couple of tanks (perhaps woven)…. I should probably be sewing now! 🙂

  4. I love the sound of your plans! I’ll need to get started on a list of my own but I know it will include a knit Cardigan, leggings, and a T-shirt dress. Jersey fabric is definitely my go-to at the moment.

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