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Dive into Dolmans: Blue Dot Patterns Georgia

Dive Into Dolmans

Welcome back for week 2 of Dive into Dolmans!  Today I’m here with a pattern from new-to-me designer Blue Dot Patterns.  This is the Georgia Top — a basic dolman top with some fun variations.

Creative Counselor: Georgia Top

I admit that I tend to be leery of new-to-me designers because they are a complete unknown and I don’t know what I’m getting myself into.  But I was very pleasantly surprised with this pattern!  I think the Georgia may be one of the nicely shaped top in my drawer right now.  It has just the right amount of drape in all the right places.  It’s slim where it needs to be, loose where it needs to be, and the overall result is really, really flattering.

Add to that the fact that it’s a suuuuuper quick sew, and it’s a full-on win!

Creative Counselor: Georgia Top

This pattern doesn’t come with the variations that some patterns do — only one neckline, hem length and sleeve length.  The main variation is a colorblocking option, and then it can also be done with a woven front.  But I never particularly care if I don’t have a million options if the basic shape is really good, which this one is.

Creative Counselor: Georgia Top

This top is kind of in between the slim dolmans and the batwing-type dolmans.  There is some fullness in the sleeve under the arm, but not too much, and it slims down nicely at the hems.

The whole thing is finished with bands, which is really nice.  Hemming knits can be a real PITA, so I love bands for a quick, clean finish.

Creative Counselor: Georgia Top

I can already see myself making a few more of these to round out my work wardrobe!

Creative Counselor: Georgia Top

Since the whole point of this shindig is to see how these patterns sew up and look on different bodies, check out the gorgeous lace colorblocked Georgia over on Mahlica Designs.

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Pattern: Georgia Top by Blue Dot Patterns

Price: $10.00.

Size: S

Difficulty:  Beginner.

Techniques Required: Sewing knits, attaching bands.

Similar Patterns: Fancy Tiger Crafts One Hour Top, Love Notions La Bella Donna (affiliate link), Golden Rippy Delilah Top, Maria Denmark Olivia Oversized Tee, just to name a few.

Fabric:  A jersey blend from Girl Charlee.  I got this ages ago, so it’s long sold out.

Fit:  Really good.  I went straight by my measurements, and the fit is excellent and I love the shape of it.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: PDF.  Only 19 pages in the PDF, so it wasn’t bad.  The pages do require trimming, though, and there are no layers in the file.


  • Very nice shape with ease in all the right places.
  • Quick, easy sew appropriate for beginners.
  • Bands give a clean finish.
  • Option to use a woven front.  That’s always a nice option to have.


  • Fewer options than some other patterns on the market.

Overall Grade: B+.  I had no idea what to expect from this pattern and this designer, and I was very, very pleased!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this pattern, or to try something else from this company.

**Disclaimer: Blue Dot Patterns provided this pattern free of charge for purposes of this review and blog tour.  I did warn her up front that I would guarantee only a fair review, not a glowing one.  This is glowing because I genuinely like the pattern.  So take all of this as you will!

13 thoughts on “Dive into Dolmans: Blue Dot Patterns Georgia

  1. This looks like a really great simple pattern. I especially love your fabric. I do love chevrons, but I hate trying to line them up. Having a crazy chevron means you don’t have to go crazy making it “perfect”. Looks like it would be a great top to dress up or down.

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