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Pattern Review: Muse Patterns Jenna Cardi

As promised, I am back with the review of my Jenna cardi by Muse Patterns that I previewed last week!

Creative Counselor: Jenna Cardi

Jenna was one of Muse’s first patterns and it’s been sitting in my stash for aaaages just waiting for some love.  It’s really shameful that it took me this long to get around to it since I wear cardigans all the time, and my RTW ones are starting to look a little shabby.

This was actually a Pinspired cardigan, inspired by this cardi:

pinspired cardi

Mine is a little more cream-colored than this one, but overall I think I achieved the effect pretty well!

This was my first time working with a Muse pattern, and it was really nice.  The fit is great, and the drafting was solid.  I ended up going with a size 34 based on my upper bust measurement and then doing a 1″ FBA to get to my full bust measurement.  With that, the fit of the main body is spot on!

Creative Counselor: Jenna Cardi

The original Jenna cardi only comes with the crew neckline, but Muse also has an expansion pack that includes a number of additional options, including a V-neck.  I love V-neck cardigans, so I willingly plunked down $3.00 to have that option.

The construction went swimmingly.  No surprises and very few hiccups.  I did notice after I had it all put together that the sleeves were seriously long and baggy.  I ended up cutting off the cuffs, shortening the sleeve by about 2.5″ and removing about 3-4″ of width at the wrist, reducing to nothing around the elbow.  That helped a TON, and I will modify my pattern pieces to reflect this change.  Something to be aware of if you make this pattern.

Creative Counselor: Jenna Cardi

You may recognize the floral from my Only Tee that I made a couple of months ago.  It’s amazing how far 2 yards of fabric will go when you only use it for the front bodice piece!  I still have a significant amount left of this fabric!  The gray is Kaufman laguna jersey from somewhere — I think from  It’s nice and soft with a decent amount of drape for cotton/lycra jersey.  Overall, it’s very comfortable to wear.

I still haven’t added buttons to this cardigan, and I may or may not ultimately do it.  I rarely, if ever, button my cardigans, so I haven’t missed them!

Creative Counselor: Jenna Cardi

PatternJenna Cardi by Muse Patterns with the V-neck from the expansion pack.

Cost: $12.00 for the cardi, and $3.00 for the expansion pack.

Size: 34″ B cup with a 1″ FBA.

Fabric: Floral is cotton lycra from Purpleseamstress, and the gray is Kaufman laguna jersey.

Difficulty: Advanced beginner.

Techniques Required: Sewing knits, attaching a button band, sewing buttons and button holes.

Similar Patterns: Cabernet Cardigan by SBCC, Cambridge Cardigan by Peekaboo Patterns.  I know there are a few boyfriend and grandpa style cardigans out there but I really don’t consider those to be similar since the Jenna has a much slimmer fit.

Modifications: Narrowed and shortened the sleeve significantly, and added 1″ to the bust with an FBA.

Fit: Good.  I did an FBA to add 1″ to the bust, and with that the fit is spot on.  The arms were really long, though, so I cut off about 2.5″ of length and narrowed them a lot.

Pattern Format: PDF.  The files were quite manageable so this is nothing to write home about.  Trimming and taping sucks, but this was no worse than your typical PDF.


  • Accurate sizing.  My high bust measurement put me in size 34, and then I did an FBA to get to my bust size.  The fit is pretty spot on.
  • Expansion pack gives even more options for a wide variety of looks, and the price is reasonable.
  • Comes with both B cup and D cup options.  Obviously it’s not a quick-fix for varying bust sizes, but it will give the bustier gals out there a better starting point.
  • Love that there is an option for a cropped cardigan.  That would be ideal for a dress with a full skirt, and it’s rare to find a sewing pattern that offers that option.


  • The sleeves were super wide and long.  I took 3-4″ of width out at the wrist, tapering to nothing around the elbow, and shortened them by about 2.5″
  • Expansion pack is extra rather than included in the cost of the main pattern.

Overall Grade:  B.  I really like this pattern and I will definitely come back to it for more work cardigans.  Be aware of the baggy arms, but it’s much easier to fix this issue than it would be if they were way too tight.

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  1. I can’t say enough how much I love this cardigan! It looks so RTW just better. I’d expect to find this at express for $75. Anyway, excellent job! You too phenomenal in it. 🙂

    1. Haha! Different Linda, then. It’s a coffee shop in Kansas City. My husband was in there a couple of weeks ago and a women named Linda came up to him and said something. He knew her name because she belongs to the gym he used to work at but then she said, “Oh you don’t really know me, but I follow your wife’s blog.” Thought maybe it was you 🙂

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