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Back to Basics 2016: It’s on like Donkey Kong!

** Be sure to read to the end for a coupon code and opportunity buy discounted fabric!

Those of you who have been hanging around with me for a while may remember back in 2014 when I did my own personal “Back to Basics” challenge.  The idea was this:  I love to sew for myself but I don’t love to sew the “boring basics” that we all need to make our wardrobe complete.  Think black and white t-shirts, white button-down, etc.  It’s so much more fun to make a lined floral jacket or a mint green striped pencil skirt.  But it’s awfully hard to wear said jacket and skirt without the black t-shirt to go with them.  You can see the dilemma.

So for one week in 2014, I committed one hour per day to sewing the “boring basics” that I needed to make the rest of my handmade wardrobe wearable.  After that week I had 3 new t-shirts, 3 new tank tops, 2 cardigans and 1/2 a button down (okay, so I may have sewn for more than a week 🙂 ).

Well, here we are, 2 years later, and those t-shirts and tank tops have been worn to death.  Time to make more!  Which means it’s time for Back 2 Basics 2016 — round two!

Back 2 Basics 2016

Since there are plenty of lovely ladies in the Capsule Sewalong Group who apparently have an equally dire need for basics, I’ve decided to turn this into an official challenge!

Here are the details:

When: April 24-30, 2016, just in time to be ready for Me-Made May
What: Commit to working 1 hour per day (or thereabouts — whatever you can commit as a little is better than nothing!) on the “boring basics” that will round out your wardrobe.
Who: Anyone who wants to play along!
Why:  Because what good are handmade clothes if we can’t wear them?  A single white t-shirt will go a loooong way to making your wardrobe more wearable.
How:  Just bring your beautiful self and sew along with me!  And if you would, please comment below to let me know you’ll be joining!

I will try to put together some modest prizes/giveaways for participants, and will get a link party set up so you can all show off your “basic” creations.

And to start off the fun, my friend Stephanie from KB Stitch Designs (affiliate link) is offering 40% off the patterns in her shop with the code B2B!  I’ll be using Stephanie’s Only Tee (affiliate link) for my basic black, white and gray t-shirts and tank tops for this challenge.  But she also has great patterns for a henley, wrap top, shorts, and slacks, all of which would be great to help round out a wardrobe!

And Stephanie’s awesomeness continues!  She is also offering the opportunity purchase fabric for this challenge at a discount.  She’s put together an album of knit (mostly cotton/lycra) fabrics in a variety of solid colors with a few stripes and dots thrown in for good measure.  You’ll need to join the KBSD Fans facebook group to see the album, which is here, and the order form is here!

So comment below and let me know you’ll be joining!

45 thoughts on “Back to Basics 2016: It’s on like Donkey Kong!

  1. I’m joining…I’m in such dire need that I’ve already ordered my boring black and white c/l. I hadn’t thought of grey – but I might just have to place another order!

  2. Wow. Yes, I definitely need this! More t-shirts (I’ve worn my Union st tee A LOT!) and another pair of jeans. Maybe some jean shorts or basic cotton shorts. Once we get through the weekend, I’ll do some planning and get some fabric ordered!

  3. Yay. Cant wait. As I am currently fitting a tshirt this will be great. On to look at the tank top. I wear one under everything.. Kind of like a security blanket. And caude most store bought shirts are too short.. 😛 but we are fixing that!!

  4. this is awesome. I need basics, and have the worst time finding fabric that will last for a while. Thanks for putting this together. I’m in!

  5. This is a great idea Katie! I was just taping together a leggings pattern last night & also thinking I need a few more knit T-shirt dresses for the summer. And definitely some trousers but I find the thought of sewing trousers quite scary! Thanks for organising this!!

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