Another Watson set

I have had these photos sitting in my Google Drive for month.  MONTHS.  My dear friend Crystal took them for me last summer when she and her husband were in town visiting for a week and they are beautiful.  I had so much fun with this photo shoot, I love my Watson sets, and there aren’t nearly enough photos of these patterns on a body out there.

But when it came down to it, I hesitated for months to post these.

Why?  They’re no more revealing than any bathing suit, and less revealing than many.  The photos are tasteful and well-done, and I hope not offensive to anyone.

So I decided to do it.  Here they are.  My Watson sets, on my body.  My 35-year-old (that’s how long ago they were taken), mom-of-three, droopy, saggy body.  The body that never had six-pack abs and now never will.  The body that has more fluff than I would like, but I’m coming to terms with the idea that it’s just the way it is.

So my body sags and droops. I have stretch marks, wrinkles and after three kids, my boobs will never be perky again (at least not without surgical intervention). But it’s my body and it has served me well.

**Editor’s Note:  I did a nitty-gritty review of the pattern waaay back when, which you can find here.  My bras are all made from bra kits from Mercer Fabrics, which sadly are sold out.  But Blackbird Fabrics sells a lot of bra-making materials (and they’re Canadian to boot for those who have to deal with a weak Canadian dollar).

All photo are courtesy of Crystal Liepa Photography.

Creative Counselor: Watson bra and panties

Creative Counselor: Watson bra and panties

Creative Counselor: Watson bra and panties

Creative Counselor: Watson bra and panties

Creative Counselor: Watson bra and panties

0 thoughts on “Another Watson set

  1. You look completely stunning! Glad you choose to share, having kids doesn’t mean the death of your beauty and youth. (You’re proof!) You look gorgeous and your sewing for each looks spot on!

  2. These are beautiful shots, beautiful pieces, and well, your body looks pretty damn good considering all the havoc pregnancy can wreak on us. Thanks for being brave. These are stunning.

  3. The photos (& bras) are beautiful, and it’s fabulous to see someone modelling them. You look stunning – thank you.

  4. Oh, Katie! You are BEAUTIFUL!!! These photos are beyond gorgeous — truly. Stunning. You look amazing. Your husband is one lucky guy. 🙂 (The bras are lovely, too, and it is wonderful to see them modeled on a body.)

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