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New pattern release: The KBSD Only Tee

Two posts in one day!  How did y’all get so lucky?

So this is fairly unusual for me, but I tested a pattern last week that is releasing today, so of course I had to put my two cents in along with the release.  Yeah, yeah, I know I said I was done with pattern testing for a while, and yet here I am testing another pattern.  (And don’t tell anyone I told you, but I am testing yet another pattern as we speak!).

This is The Only Tee (affiliate link), the new release from KBSD.  It’s the “only tee” you’ll ever need — get it?

Creative Counselor: The Only Tee

Anyway, I saw the call for this pattern and I knew it was a perfect opportunity to motivate myself to finally recreate the tee I’ve been pinning for the last year or so:Creative Counselor: The Only TeePretty good huh?  Once I make myself a pair of boyfriend jeans this spring, I’ll be able to recreate the whole look!

But back to business.  Is it the only tee you’ll ever need?  Well, it depends.  Does it have a lot of options?  Yes, it does.  There is a slim fit, a “comfort fit” and a maternity fit.  It comes in shirt length and tunic length.  There are three neckline options and four sleeve lengths, as well as a tank option.  So yeah, if this is the tee pattern that you love, it is indeed the only tee pattern you’ll ever need.

Creative Counselor: The Only Tee

Will it replace my current go-to t-shirt patterns? (which happen to be the Grainline Lark and Sewaholic Renfrew).  Remains to be seen.  Like most of us, I have my basics patterns that I really like, and it takes a lot to pull me off of those.  Neither of my go-to patterns has a tank options, though, so I am interested to try out the tank version of the Only Tee.  I wear a lot of tanks during summer!

Creative Counselor: The Only Tee

Not that I don’t think there’s a place for the Only Tee in the market — I definitely think there is.  Different designers use different blocks, which are going to get closer to an ideal fit on different bodies.  And of course a t-shirt is a good addition to make a well-rounded pattern line.

Creative Counselor: The Only Tee

But down to the nitty gritty of this pattern.  Like I said earlier, it has a lot of options, which I know is attractive to a lot of people.  It’s a pretty basic tee — nothing earth shattering, but also a good staple if you’re still looking for one.

Construction is pretty straightforward, as you would expect with a t-shirt pattern.  I’m not particularly fond of the neck binding method included in the pattern.  It uses what is essentially a doubled-over binding rather than a neckband.  It was suuuuuper confusing to me at first until I figured out what I was supposed to do.  I’m sure it gives a nice finish, but just seems overly fussy to me on a basic tee.  I generally prefer the look and ease of a traditional neckband.  But the pattern pieces are the same regardless of how they’re attached, so it’s not a huge deal.

Creative Counselor: The Only Tee

But I won’t go on and on.  This pattern is exactly what it seems to be — a nice t-shirt with lots of options.  If you already have a go-to t-shirt pattern that you love, I don’t imagine this one will be particularly attractive.  If you don’t, by all means take a look.

Creative Counselor: The Only Tee

On to fabric.  It took me foreeeeever to find the floral that I needed for the front and sleeves on this top.  I eventually found it from the Purple Seamstress.  This was the first time I’d ordered from her, and the fabric wasn’t listed on her web site.  A FB friend told me that she has extra stock that isn’t listed, but if I sent her a private message, there may be more florals.  Sure enough, she was right!  I PM’d the designer, and she had a whole bunch of florals that weren’t listed on the site, this one among them.  Service was good, shipping was fast, and the quality is really nice.  I will definitely order from her again, and will be sure to send a PM to see all the options available!

Creative Counselor: The Only Tee

The royal blue stripe is from Girl Charlee‘s Black Friday sale (I think).  It took almost as long to find royal blue stripes as it took to find the perfect floral!  Navy stripes, no problem, but royal blue is hard to find these days.

It was good to have the motivation to finally make my Pinspired shirt!  Overall I’m pretty pleased with it.

Creative Counselor: The Only Tee

Pattern: The Only Tee (affiliate link) by KBSD Patterns.

Price: $8.00 USD (currently on sale for $5.00 USD).

Size: M

Difficulty: Advanced beginner.  With set-in sleeve and bands, this probably shouldn’t be a first knit project.

Techniques Required: Setting in sleeves, attaching neckband, sewing with knits, fit modifications (if necessary)

Similar Patterns: Oh, it’s hard to know where to begin.  Grainline Lark, Sewaholic Renfrew, Hey June Union Street Tee, Wardrobe by Me Wardrobe Builder Tee, Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up, to name a few.

Fabric: Cotton spandex jersey from Purple Seamstress, and cotton blend jersey from Girl Charlee.

Fit: Pretty good.  I have some funny wrinkling above the bust, and I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the shoulders or the armscyce.  Stephanie, the designer at KBSD has really broad shoulders, so I’m inclined to think it’s a shoulder issue.  It may also be that the bust-to-shoulder length is longer than what I need.  I think I would need to experiment to get the perfect fit.  This is not a criticism of the pattern or drafting, however — it’s just the reality when fitting a garment to a body.

Modifications: I shortened the pattern by 1 inch at the waist to make sure that it hit at my narrowest part.  Otherwise, no modifications as I was pattern testing.  I will, however, go back and re-hem the sleeves a couple of inches shorter.

Pattern format: PDF.  I have to hand it to Stephanie, she does a great job of fitting her patterns onto a relatively small number of pages.  I think this one is 21 pages total, which is impressive for a pattern with so many options.  However, I have major issues printing these PDF files.  I haven’t been able to figure out what printer settings are wrong, but my printer always cuts off some of the cutting lines, which is really annoying.


  • Lots of options.
  • New-to-me neck binding method gives a nice, clean finish.
  • Tank option — not all t-shirt patterns include this, and I wear a lot of tanks.
  • Option for a slim fit as well as a looser fit is nice — really adds to the versatility.


  • Seems like the drafting is for shoulders wider than mine.  I’m getting some funny wrinkling.
  • I think the short sleeves are too long.  I plan to shorten these sleeves by at least 2 inches.
  • I think the included collar method is overly fussy for a basic tee. I will just use the method for a standard neckband.

Overall Grade: B.  If you get a great fit from KBSD patterns, you won’t be disappointed in this pattern.  It has lots of options and can serve all t-shirt needs..

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    1. Thank you! Funny that you mention the jeans. I really took my time making them, but they are my lesson to never try to scrimp on fabric. I made them with some cheaper denim from Joanns (by accident actually since it’s really hard to tell cheap denim from expensive denim just by looking at it — now i put tags on all my denim!) and I never wear them because they stretch out terribly and have horrible recovery :/ A new pair of skinnies is on my spring sewing list 🙂

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