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Cozy Carolyn Pajamas

I’m kicking off Mad Men month for Sew the Show with some classic PJs.Creative Counselor: Carolyn Pajamas

You may wonder what PJs have to do with Mad Men, and that would be a fair question. I have a confession–I’ve never actually seen Mad Men, so I can’t tell you for sure whether this is even slightly related to anything any character ever wears on that show.

But whenever I think of this period of time, I think of the old pattern illustrations from the classic men’s pajama patterns from that era.  So pajamas it is!

Creative Counselor: Carolyn Pajamas

These are the Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Files, and if pajama pants could ever be stylish and flattering, it’s these! When I first put them on, I thought for a second that I had made them a size too small because they felt fitted in the hip. After a few minutes I realized that they WERE in fact slightly fitted at the hip. At least more so than your average PJ pant.

And I actually love that.  I love the comfort of pajama pants, but sometimes I feel like a slob when I wear them.  These have just enough shape to avoid that.

Creative Counselor: Carolyn Pajamas

I’m also pretty proud of my plaid matching in these PJs.  Not because my plaid matching is particularly awesome but because I was a whole yard of fabric short when I was making these pajamas!  Since I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough fabric to cut all the pieces out, let alone worry about plaid matching, I though I did a pretty freaking good job matching that plaid!  The sewing gods were smiling on this project 🙂

This is a cotton flannel shirting from Cali Fabrics, and it worked famously for a cozy pair of winter PJs.

Creative Counselor: Carolyn Pajamas

Pattern: Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Case Patterns.

Price: $14.00 USD.

Size: 8

Difficulty: Intermediate.  The pants are probably beginner-friendly, but there are a lot of details on the top.

Techniques Required: Fitting pants (if necessary), Sewing facings, setting in sleeves, sewing lapels, sewing buttonholes.

Similar Patterns: There are any number of Big 4 patterns, but I don’t know of any other indie patterns for this particular style of menswear inspired pajamas.

Fabric: Cotton flannel shirting from Cali Fabrics.

Fit: Excellent. I always get a great fit from Closet Case patterns, and this was no exception.  I particularly like the fit on the pants.

Modifications: None to the pattern, though I did modify how I constructed the lapels and collar.  I didn’t care for the method included, so I drafted a back facing, and did a facing all around to attach the collar and lapels.

Pattern format: I have the PDF, though it is now available in print. The PDF is a beast! Though Heather does break up the pattern into several different files for the various views, so you don’t have to print 100+ pages — you just print the pieces and views that you need.


  • Great fit, designed specifically for a woman’s body.
  • Classic PJs will never go out of style.
  • Versatile — you can make them warm and cozy in flannel like I did or make the shorts with short-sleeves in a lightweight cotton lawn for summer.
  • These go together pretty easily but really look like you put a lot of effort into them.
  • The top is versatile and stylish enough that it could easily be worn out and about if styled correctly.


  • I don’t care for the construction of the collar and lapels.  I drafted my own back facing, which I think is much nicer.
  • The fit on the pants will feel tight to some.  I love how they fit, but they are more fitted than your “typical” PJ pant.

Overall Grade: B.  This is my standard grade for what I consider to be a really well-done pattern that’s worth its value.  This is a solid pattern that I would definitely recommend.

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  1. These are so cute. I have a couple of pajama pants from this pattern, but the top makes it look so cute and put together. I need to makw another pj top. And I actually think one of my pajama pants is this exact fabric. 🙂 We could be twinsies.

    1. The yardage is a bit overwhelming! I do think that the yardage requirements in the pattern are pretty generous. I was waaaaay short on yardage, and was able to squeak out View A. I had to cut the collar in two pieces rather than on the fold, and I had to do a cuff on the leg in order to fit it on my fabric, but whatever. They’re pajamas!

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