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Downton-inspired Sybil Skirt

If you’re not in the Sew the Show Facebook group (and if you’re not, I just have one question — why not?), you may not know that we’ve been sewing along to Downton Abbey this month.  And since the sixth and final (wahhhh!) season started just a few weeks ago, the timing was perfect!

Creative Counselor: Sybil Skirt

The Downton crew is currently entrenched in the Roaring Twenties, with all its dropped waists, shapeless shifts and cloche hats.  But some my favorite styles from the show have always been from the first seasons, set in the 1910s.  Their clothes at that time were so elegant, the lines were so flattering, and the fabrics so rich and luxurious.

So this particular outfit, a midi-length swing skirt, draws from those early episodes.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

And it’s particularly fitting that this skirt is the Sybil skirt from Love Notions.  Sybil was one of the best Downton characters (aside from Granny, of course, who gets the best one-liners, and Mary who is so wonderfully bitchy).

I made a Sybil Skirt (affiliate link) for my Six Degrees look last month too — as you can tell, I really like this pattern.  It’s a quick and easy sew, which is always satisfying.  Even I can finish one of these skirts in about an hour.  And I can wear it to work, which is an added bonus!

Creative Counselor: Sybil Skirt

I don’t have anything earth-shattering to say here.  I think the versatility of this pattern is what gives it value.  Knit skirts are great for work or play and now I will never need to buy another knit skirt pattern.  The pattern also includes pieces and instructions for a control top — great for those looking to pull in a bit of a tummy.

Creative Counselor: Sybil Skirt

I’ve made two swing skirts, so now I need to make all the other versions.  The gored skirt is high up on my spring list 🙂

Creative Counselor: Sybil Skirt

Pattern: Sybil Skirt (affiliate link) by Love Notions.

Price: $12.95.

Size: S

Difficulty: Beginner.  This skirt is seriously easy!

Techniques Required: Sewing knits, attaching a waistband, hemming knits.

Similar Patterns: This is tough because while there are other patterns out there for one or the other of Sybil’s many views, I don’t know of any that have this many options.

Fabric: Wine colored ponte from Girl Charlee.

Fit: Excellent. I mean, the pattern is really simple and it doesn’t take much to get a great fit — so long as the waistband fits well, it’s all good.  The swing skirt view that I made here is particularly forgiving.

Modifications: None.

Pattern format: PDF. The entire file is incredibly intimidating, but you actually only need a few pages for each of the different views.  There’s a nice chart at the beginning that tells you which pages to print.  This pattern, like all the Love Notions patterns, has no-trim pages, too, which are AWESOME!


  • Tons of options — this pattern includes pretty much every knit skirt you could want.
  • Very easy and quick construction.  And the fact that there are no closures helps that a lot.
  • Different fabrics can give completely different looks.
  • Control top option is not a standard feature of most patterns and would be great for those trying to pull in a tummy or who may be postpartum.


  • There are no differences in the shape of the front and back main pieces, which may present some issues for those well endowed in the booty category.
  • Those more ambitious than I am may be able to draft their own patterns for these skirts since knit skirts aren’t particularly complicated.

Overall Grade: A.  This pattern is a really good value — with all the views and lengths, it includes pretty much every knit skirt you could want.  Especially good for office-dwellers like me.

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  1. L-O-V-E!!! And Downton Abbey is my favorite show! You know, since Gilmore Girls and Parenthood are no longer on the air (except for on Netflix).

    The only thing about following you on your blog is that I think I need everything that you say I need. Haha! I fell like I need this and I’ve been purchasing way too many patterns lately! I think some of the views will work for my shape (spoon/hourglass) particularly the pencil skirt.

    Thanks for another great review.

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