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2015 goals: How did I do?

Back at the end of 2014, I set five goals for myself, just like I’ll do for 2016.  Now that 2015 is almost at a close, how did I do?

Goal 1: Take my Time.

I think I did pretty well on this one.  I focused this year on making sure that my garments were really well made.  Not everything was perfect, but I really did focus on it.

Goal 2:  Sew Heirloom-Quality Garments.

Again, I think I did pretty well.  Sure, not every single t-shirt or tank top that I made will still be in my drawer 10 years from now, but I took my time and made nice jeans with high-quality finishes, and even made outerwear that should last me for years.

Goal 3:  Learn to Sew Lingerie.

Again, I accomplished this one too!  I haven’t tackled an under wired bra yet, but I made 3 Watson bras and several pairs of panties.  It definitely introduced me to the world of lingerie sewing.

Goal 4:  Learn to Knit Cables.

Well, we can’t win them all.  I didn’t knit nearly as much this fall as I did last year, and cables are still on my to-learn list.

Goal 5: Use 12 designated stash fabrics.

To be honest, I never expected that I would use all 12 of these fabrics.  :/  I ended up using 5 of the 12 during the year.  I think I could have done better, but it is what it is.


Other Goal 1: Do something every day to improve my financial situation.

I’m not gonna lie, other than from a sewing standpoint, 2015 was kind of a b&$%*.  The business side of things were really challenging this year, and so this one was kind of hit or miss.  I did my best, and I know that eventually it will get better, but we are still working on it.

Other Goal 2: Have a date night of some sort once per week.

Again, something I really could have been better at.  We didn’t do too badly, and definitely made it once per month.  But I kind of bit off a little too much from a blogging standpoint this year and I always felt like I was up against a deadline.  That makes date night hard.

Other Goal 3:  Blog on Some Sort of Schedule.

I actually think I did pretty well on this one, at least for the second half of the year.  I’ve definitely been posting more regularly, and readership reflects that extra attention.  Though taking on the Sew the Show blog has been challenging as I’ve been creating content for two blogs rather than one.  That will have to work out somehow in 2016.

Other Goal 4: Do a Whole 30 Every 6 Months.

Yeah, total fail here.  I made it halfway through January’s Whole 30 and then abandoned the whole thing.  That is really hard to do when there’s not any outside motivation like an tipping scale or an upset stomach.  Weight has been slowly creeping back on over the holidays though, so January needs to bring some dietary change.

Other Goal 5: Strength training 3 times per week and daily dog walks.

Again, total fail.  I didn’t do too badly until about September when I completely fell off the exercise wagon.  I’m trying to get back on it, but it’s hard to regain that motivation once it’s lost.  We did hire a neighborhood girl to walk Paco, though, so he gets exercise several times per week and is much healthier for it.

So my goals were a mixed bag.  How did you do in 2015?

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