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(Take 2) Six Degrees of Separation: A Few Good Patterns

Wow, how is it that these two weeks are already at an end?  And that Christmas is only a week away? Are you ready?  I’m not quite, but I’m pretty close.

Sew the Show Six Degrees blog tour

Anyhoo, back to business!  I have the unique privilege of both starting and ending the Sew the Show Six Degrees of Separation tour!  If you haven’t already, head over to Maria’s blog and see her Footloose look before you read on.

Go ahead, I’ll wait …

Okay, now that you’ve seen her awesomeness, can you guess my movie?  Any Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon tour must necessarily make its way back to the Baconator himself.  Maria’s choice of Footloose made it easy for me — I could pick any Kevin Bacon movie I wanted.  So naturally, I went with my personal favorite:

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees tour

A Few Good Men!

I’ve loved this movie ever since it was released.  I was nowhere near law school at the time, so maybe my lawyering was inevitable.  The scene towards the end of the movie with Jack Nicholson on the stand having a heated exchange with Tom Cruise, starting with the in the infamous, “You can’t handle the truth” and ending with the case-making “You’re goddamn right I did!”  Ah, I love it.  And even though it’s dramatized for a movie, the acting and directing is so good that the tension builds in a natural way so that the end result isn’t comical.  Unlike the old Perry Mason movies where the bad guy spills his guts on the stand with almost no provocation.

Definitely a classic legal drama.

But where does Kevin Bacon fall into all this?  Oh you remember — he’s the Marine JAG officer who has the unenviable job of playing prosecutor to Tom Cruise’s Navy public defender.  Actually he’s equally amazing in this movie, as are all of the actors, just without the show-stealing scene of Cruise and Nicholson.

But I digress…

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees of Separation, A Few Good Men

My mission, which I chose to accept (see the Tom Cruise reference there?) , was to sew an outfit inspired by this movie.  Inspired by, not a copy of — see the difference?  Naturally I chose to draw my inspiration from the military uniforms that are so prevalent in the movie.

This movie features two branches of the US Armed Forces — the Navy and the Marine Corps (which yes, I know is technically a part of the Navy).  My outfit draws from both:

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees of Separation, A Few Good Men

The Marine Corps inspiration should be pretty easy to see — camo!  While the Marine Corps dress uniforms and officer uniforms feature a pukey khaki polyester something-or-other with an army green jacket, the uniforms that the troops (including the two defendants from the movie) wore at the base in Guantanamo Bay featured full-on camo.

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees tour

My top is the Love Notions La Bella Donna (affiliate link) in a beautiful soft double knit from Hart’s Fabric.  I bought this fabric over a year ago, and it was actually on my list of fabrics that I resolved to use this year.  I was glad to get it in before my self-imposed deadline!

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees of Separation, A Few Good Men

But the real star of this outfit is the jeans!  These are the brand-spankin’ new Birkin Flare Jeans from Baste + Gather.  As soon as I chose A Few Good Men for my STS movie, I knew that I had to make flares.  That was before the Birkins were even announced, so it was so thoughtful of Lauren to make a jeans pattern that fit perfectly into my plans!

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees of Separation, A Few Good Men

Why flares, you may ask.  Well, this is the Navy part of my look.  You see flares, or bell bottoms, became a popular fashion item in the mid-1960s and 1970s.  Those flares had their origins in the Navy midshipmen uniforms from the early 19th century.

I thought about making a navy blue suit like the one Demi Moore wears in the movie, but I already have a navy suit that I like, and I really don’t need another.  But flare jeans — I needed a pair of those!

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees of Separation, A Few Good Men

These jeans are amazing enough that they deserve their own post, which I will give them next week.  But for now, know that I love them and feel amazing in them!

And of course I couldn’t stop with just one outfit (I always was an overachiever).  After all, I had more camo fabric sitting in my stash!

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees of Separation, A Few Good Men

I used a random camo ponte that I already had to sew up a midi swing version of the Love Notions Sybil Illusion Skirt (affiliate link).

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees of Separation, A Few Good Men

This is such a fast sew!  I think I cut and sewed this skirt in one relatively short evening of sewing.  I’ve worn it a couple of times since then.  It’s really comfy and surprisingly the length doesn’t bother me.  I typically not a midi skirt kind of gal as I’m not particularly tall.  But I like this skirt a lot and I don’t feel like it makes me look stumpy.

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees of Separation, A Few Good Men

I also sewed up a basic pink Nettie tee — love the Nettie.  It’s my perfect pattern for a fitted tee, particularly since I widened the shoulders on it! (tutorial coming soon).  The jacket I’m wearing above is one that’s been in my closet for ages.  But the green is a great nod to the army green of Kevin Bacon’s dress uniform.

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees of Separation, A Few Good Men

So how did I do?  Do you see my influences?  What would you have made for an A Few Good Men inspired outfit?

But that’s not all!  We have a whole day of Bacon for you, including a bonus stop after me! Head back to the Sew the Show blog to see Ariel’s take on her favorite Kevin Bacon movie:

Creative Counselor: Six Degrees tour

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  1. Woah!!! I was already like “You are the master of ‘inspired by’ show-sews” – then I saw the over-achiever skirt and you just put the rest of us to shame! That is AWESOME, and for the simplest sew of the bunch, it’s my personal favorite! With the flares as a close second. Those are seriously impressive.

  2. Well, you did absolutely amazing but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you at this point!! I love. The. Jeans. You make it look so easy. And I have to have that skirt pattern. It’s so cute. Makes me want to go sew one up tomorrow to wear to church Sunday. Another beautiful job!!!

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