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Six Degrees Blog Tour day 6

Wow, did this weekend fly by for anyone else?  I’m not even sure what we did all weekend.  Oh wait, there was that holiday party on Friday…and then kindergarten basketball on Saturday along with Christmas shopping…and church and a Santa visit on Sunday.  Oy.  Our weekends would be tame by some people’s standards, but they’re busy enough for me!

Six Degrees of Separation Day 6


But back to bidniss — it’s Monday and that means our second week of the Six Degrees blog tour! Our tour participants have some amazing things in store for you this week.  Let’s start off the week with Patti over at Simple.Blessed.  Hope over there to see what moving inspired this sporty look:

Six Degrees of Separation Day 6

And from there check out Maryellen at Pincushion Porcupine.  I recognized this quote immediately — brings back all kinds of college memories:

Six Degrees of Separation Day 6

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