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Everyone loves a freebie! The Kzjo Studios Poppy Tee

Who doesn’t love a free pattern, right?  I stumbled across this free Poppy Tee from Kzjo Studios when I was doing my fall capsule and thought, what the heck?  It was easy, quick and free.  The style was loose and boxy which meant that the fit would be harder to screw up, so I decided to go for it and add a quick royal blue top to my capsule wardrobe.

Creative Counselor: Poppy Tee

I’m not going to go on and on about this pattern.  It is exactly what it seems to be — a very simple, loose and boxy dolman style t-shirt.

I don’t say any of that in a bad way.  Frequently I like my t-shirts to be close and fitted, but sometimes a boxy t-shirt is nice.  They’re fast and take very little fitting, which can make them a great palate cleanser, which is pretty much what I needed after making a pair of jeans and a woven vest for my capsule.  And the Poppy worked nicely with my Anima pants!

Creative Counselor: Poppy Tee

This tee goes together really easily.  It’s dolman style so there are no sleeves to set in.  You really just sew the shoulder and side seams and then bind the neck and arm openings with a knit binding.  Hem and boom, it’s done.

Creative Counselor: Poppy Tee

My fabric is a royal blue cotton/spandex jersey from Girl Charlee.  It’s lightweight and has a very nice drape.  If I’m buying from GC, I always try to buy cotton/spandex because it has much better stretch and recovery than their other knits, and also seems to hang more nicely.  This blue jersey isn’t super high quality, but for $6.00 a yard (or something along those lines), it’s perfectly fine and is holding up well.

Creative Counselor: Poppy Tee

Pattern: Poppy Tee from Kzjo Studios.

Cost: Free!

Size: S.

Fabric: Royal blue cotton/spandex jersey from Girl Charlee

Difficulty:  Knits beginner.  No sleeves to set in and minimal fitting make this appropriate for a first knits project.

Techniques required: Sewing with knits, attaching neck and sleeve bindings.

Similar patterns:  There are so many t-shirt patterns available these days, as well as a number of free ones.  I’d like to do a round up at some point.

Modifications: None.

Fit:  The fit straight out of the envelope was good.  I made no modification and it fits as intended.  It’s intended to be loose and boxy, which is exactly how it fits.  I’ve never used a Kzjo Studios pattern before, and given the style of this top, I would hardly use it to judge the fit of other patterns by this company.

Pattern format:  PDF only.  It was an easy pdf to put together.  There’s only a front and back to piece, so it was fairly painless.


  • Free!
  • Quick and easy to put together.
  • Loose, boxy styling means little to no fitting.


  • I would have preferred the arm opening to be drafted a bit differently so that I could just turn under and hem rather than using a binding.  The binding sits a little funny for my taste.  If I make another one, I would cut it differently to eliminate the sleeve bindings.

Overall grade: B. This is a decent free pattern.  Nothing spectacular, but then I don’t expect that with a freebie.


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