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And More Leggings

And I’m back with MORE leggings!  When I was planning out my fall capsule, I knew I wanted to make 4 bottoms, that I didn’t want to do any skirts (since I knew I wouldn’t wear them) and that I wouldn’t have time to make too many complicated pieces.  Enter leggings.

Creative Counselor: Virginia Leggings

These are the Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings, a great pattern for basic leggings.

I’m not going to go on too much about this pattern.  It’s good, as is every MN pattern I’ve worked with (I’m a bit of a MN fangirl, as you may know if you’ve followed this blog for a while).  Great fit, simple construction, straightforward instructions.

Creative Counselor: Virginia Leggings

This pattern is drafted for knit fabrics with 40% stretch.  That would make it a great pattern if you wanted a pair of cozy French terry or fleece leggings, or a more sturdy pair of ponte leggings.

What it’s not the best for is super stretchy bamboo/spandex jersey, like the fabric I used to make my leggings.  Don’t get me wrong — these leggings are super soft and comfy.  But since the pattern is drafted for something with slightly less stretch, my leggings tend to get a little stretched out at the knees and butt after a few wearings.  I really should have gone down at least one size for this fabric.

Creative Counselor: Virginia Leggings

Still, I like them.  They’re incredibly comfortable and I will undoubtedly wear them a lot. But I’m also still trying to get over the fact that, to me, leggings still seem like pajamas.  In fact, every pair of leggings that I’ve ever owned have very quickly found their way into my pajama drawer and stayed there.  We’ll see if these capsule leggings ultimately avoid that fate.

Creative Counselor: Virginia Leggings

Pattern: Virginia Leggings by Megan Nielsen Patterns.

Cost: $11.45

Size: S.

Fabric: Bamboo/spandex jersey from

Difficulty: Beginner.  Leggings are quick and easy, perfect for even a beginner.

Techniques required: Working with knits, sewing curves on knits, attaching an elastic waistband.

Similar patterns: Leggings patterns are a dime a dozen.  If you can’t find a leggings pattern, you’re just not looking.

Modifications: None.

Fit: Good.  I wish I would have gone down a size with my fabric, but otherwise the fit is good..

Pattern format: PDF.  This is the only Megan Nielsen pattern I’ve ever used in PDF format, and it was just fine.  There are only 2 pattern pieces so it’s not too cumbersome to piece together.


  • Easy, simple construction.
  • Good fit.
  • Quick to put together.  Only 4 seams and a waistband.
  • Good for sturdier or warmer fabrics.


  • Not great for very stretchy fabrics without sizing down.
  • I don’t love the waistband instructions.  This one uses a casing, which is fine, but the elastic isn’t the most secure.  I prefer the method from the Ooh La Leggings.

Overall grade: B. Good basic leggings pattern, which every seamstress needs, even if you just use them for pajamas, like me 🙂

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  1. Love the colour of your leggings. I’m wondering if the bagging out at the knees has something to do with the recovery of your fabric. I think I remember reading that bamboo can have less recovery. Always feels so soft and lovely though.

    1. That could be. I’ve ordered bamboo jersey frequently from Michael Levine and it has amazing recovery, but this is the first I’ve ordered from It didn’t feel quite as sturdy as the Michael Levine stuff I get, so that might have contributed.

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