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My Fall Capsule Challenge

As you may have seen, I finished my fall Momiform capsule and revealed it last week.  You’ll see my detailed thoughts on each of those patterns over the coming weeks.

Creative Counselor: Momiform MAKEover Fall Capsule Reveal

But I had a thought recently that I needed something to make sure that I wear these capsule pieces on a regular basis.  One thing about my default “Momiform” — it’s comfy.  Like really comfy.  The jeans are so well worn and broken in that they’re soft as suede.  The t-shirts and sweatshirt are that lovely cotton/poly American Apparel blend that feels like butter on my skin. So I fear that I will still default to it even though it all looks like it would be appropriate for an extra on The Walking Dead (shameless plug: TWD is the upcoming October Sew the Show choice — if you don’t follow me over there, you should!).

In an attempt to avoid that, I am setting myself a challenge.  I’ll just call it my Fall Capsule Challenge.  My Momiform capsule contains 12 pieces (11 of which I made), which should combine to form 64 different outfit combinations (256 if you add in the shoes).

Therefore, the challenge I have set myself is this: for the entire month of October, while at home I will wear some combination of these 12 pieces plus 4 designated “extra” pieces.  Those pieces are:

Creative Counselor: Fall capsule challenge

Obviously this doesn’t apply to what I wear to work (though when I finally finish my work capsule, I might try the same thing!).  I’ll do my best not to repeat combinations, and will wear every single piece.  A month is a long time, but I should only have to go through half of the potential combinations.  Hopefully this will also motivate me to sew my work capsule, so that I can wear new things right away!

All my other lounging clothes are packed up until November!

So what do you think?  Anyone out there care to join me?  If so, let’s use the hashtag #wearyourcapsule!

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