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Jumping on the Joggers Trend — Woven Anima Pants

Somehow or other the earlier review that I did of the Papercut Patterns Anima Pants disappeared into the blogosphere (grrrr — I hate losing work product!).  I wasn’t going to post about these until next week, but I’ve gotten so many questions about them that I decided to push up the date.

Creative Counselor: Anima Pants

So here they are — my woven Anima pants!

Joggers are all the rage right now, with good reason, IMO. They’re comfortable, easy to make and wear, and generally flattering on most body types.  The various joggers patterns I’ve seen range from loose harem pants to almost-leggings.  I prefer those like the Anima — slim fitting but not tight with enough ease to be really comfortable.

Creative Counselor: Anima Pants

The Anima pattern is drafted for knits (and I am working on a knit version to show off soon since my previous knit Animas have been worn to death!), but for this particular version, made for my Momiform MAKEover, I used a woven.

This fabric is a suuuuuper-stretch denim from Cali Fabrics.  The exact color I used is out of stock, but there are some other colors still available.  If you’re inclined to make woven joggers, I would definitely recommend this fabric.  It stretches almost like a knit, which makes it really easy to wear, but sews up like a woven, which makes it easy to work with.  And of course, it has the overall look of woven joggers.  The fabric didn’t shrink much but it did bleed a lot.  I’d recommend washing it alone a few times to get all the extra dye out.

Creative Counselor: Anima Pants

Since I was using a woven, I opted to omit the cuffs and just lengthened and hemmed the legs.  Part of me wishes i had gone with cuffs, but I know that the cuff-less roll is actually more on trend.

Construction is easy and straightforward, and since my fabric had so much stretch, I didn’t even have to size up!  That was really nice since I did not want to trace new pattern pieces.  One thing that is different about the Animas from the other joggers on the market (some of which I’ll list below) is the faux fly.  Most of the other joggers patterns I’ve seen have a flat front and do not include a faux fly.  I happen to love the faux fly.  It’s easy to construct, I like the Papercut method better than any other I’ve used, and I think it has a nice, professional look.

Creative Counselor: Anima Pants

The pattern uses a combination of elastic and drawstring for the waist.  Basically, you construct a waistband casing, insert 2″ elastic, and then sew two lines of stitching through the elastic to secure it.  The stitching lines form a casing for an optional drawstring.  I omitted that part on these, but if I had included it, I would have sewn two buttonholes for the drawstring before attaching the waistband.

Creative Counselor: Anima Pants

The Animas have been my go-to comfy pants pattern ever since they were released.  This version is no different!

Pattern: Anima Pants by Papercut Patterns.

Cost: $25 NZD for the paper pattern $17 NZD for the PDF.

Size: S.  Papercut patterns often run a little big, but these aren’t bad.  According to the size chart, my measurements fall right smack in the middle of the XS and S.  I made size S and the fit is great.

Fabric: 4oz. stretch denim from Cali Fabrics.

Difficulty: Advanced beginner/Intermediate.  I rarely consider pants to be a beginner project simply because every body and crotch curve is different and pants is where those differences are most obvious.  This pattern also includes pockets and a faux fly, so some experience would be recommended.

Techniques required: Sewing a faux fly, installing pockets, sewing buttonholes (optional), working with knits (optional), fitting pants.

Similar patterns: Brassie Joggers by Greenstyle; Hudson Pants by True Bias; Go To Knit Pants by Go To Patterns; Harem Pants by Pattern Emporium.

Modifications: I used a woven instead of a knit, and omitted the cuffs.  Instead I added some length to the leg and rolled them.

Fit: Really good.  I love the slim fit of these pants.  They’re flattering but still really comfortable.

Pattern format: I have the printed version of this pattern and it is beee-autiful.  Papercut has some of the nicest packaging of the pattern companies I work with.  This pattern is also available in PDF though.  A lot of people are put off by the initial price tag, but keep in mind that those prices are New Zealand dollars.  The printed pattern comes to about $18 USD after the conversion.  And Papercut does free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase!


  • Very on trend style.
  • Super comfy and easy to construct.  These pants go together fast!
  • I think the overall shape is very flattering.
  • Unlike some of the other patterns of this sort, there is no accent on the pockets of the Anima.  That seems like it would be a good thing for someone with a larger bottom half since it doesn’t draw attention to the hip area.
  • The Anima includes a faux fly, which I believe is unique to the patterns of this ilk.  I love the faux fly.


  • I usually need to shorten these patterns since I’m a shortie and they draft for someone a bit taller than me.  But the difference isn’t huge, unlike some pattern designers.

Overall grade:  A.  I think this is a really solid jogger pattern with nice details.  The presentation and packaging is also top-notch.

6 thoughts on “Jumping on the Joggers Trend — Woven Anima Pants

  1. I have made these in both stretch and woven and have a stretch woven planned next. I love the fit on this pattern as well. Yours look great. I hadn’t thought of making them in stretch denim.

  2. I recently discovered Papercut Patterns and loved what I saw. I was eyeing these but was wishing for more examoles. I’m glad I found your review!

    1. These are my favorite joggers pattern. I have several and have made these (both in woven and in knit) as well as the Greenstyle Brassies and I prefer the fit and style of the Animas.

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