Reversible Baby Bib Tutorial + Free pattern!

Well, I promised a free baby bib pattern, so here you are!  This isn’t a photo tutorial because (1) I didn’t have the photos for a photo tutorial or an occasion to make another bib for pictures (I will try to change that eventually), and (2) this isn’t rocket science.

This is my favorite baby bib that I ever had for my kids.  I actually made the pattern by more or less mimicking my favorite RTW bib.  I can’t for the life of me remember who made that bib as it was aaaaages ago.

Creative Counselor: baby gift bib

The steps I’m including here are those to make the bib pictured.  I’ve also made these bibs with a bias binding that is also really cute (though not reversible).

Creative Counselor: baby gift bib

But here goes:


  • Bib pattern (here)
  • Main fabric — I can usually get a bib out of a fat quarter.  I typically use quilting cotton for my main, but laminated cotton would be great too and would make the bib really easy to wipe off.
  • Contrast fabric — Again, a fat quarter should be enough.  I typically use flannel for the reverse side.  It’s comfy and a little more absorbant.
  • Snap — I used a sew-on snap here but a pearl snap would work just fine, it just wouldn’t be reversible.
  • Thread

Seam Allowance: 1/4 inch

Assembly and cutting:

1.  Assemble and cut out your pattern pieces.

2.  In a single layer, cut:

  • 1 bib piece in main fabric
  • 1 bib piece in contrast fabric
  • 1 pocket piece in main fabric
  • 1 pocket piece in contrast fabric

3.  Place the pocket pieces with right sides together.  Sew along the top straight edge.

4.  Turn the pocket piece so that wrong sides are facing and press the seam you just sewed.  Topstitch along the top pocket edge.

5.  Place the pocket piece on top of the main bib piece and line up the bottom (the pocket piece is slightly larger than the bib piece so that the pocket opens a bit to catch the droppings).  Baste in place.

6.  Place the contrast bib piece on top of the main bib piece, right sides together.  Pin to hold in place.

7.  Sew the main and contrast bib pieces together all the way around, leaving a 2″ opening for turning.  The pocket piece has been basted to the main and will be sandwiched into between the two bib pieces.

8.  Turn the bib inside out through the opening you left.

9.  Hand stitch the opening closed and press the sh*& out of the bib.  You can also press the bib really well and then topstitch all the way around to close the opening.  However the bib is not quite as reversible if you do it that way.

10.  Attach the snap.  If you want the bib to be reversible, I’d suggest using a sew-on snap.  If you don’t care about it being reversible, a pearl snap is probably quicker to install.

11.  You’re done!  Go put that bib on a cute little baby, or pack it up to send to one!

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