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Baby gifts

So one of our good friends had her first baby, oh back in May, and I just last week got around to sending off her baby gift!  It’s actually been done for at least two months, and just languishing in my sewing room, waiting for me to pack it up and put it in the mail.

But if I had sent it out in May when the baby was born, I wouldn’t have found a hidden box of N’s old baby clothes, and I wouldn’t have known that I had a whole pile of Hawkeye baby clothes just sitting around unused.  And therefore I wouldn’t have been able to send this die-hard Hawkeye mom a whole slew of Hawkeye baby gear just in time for football season.  That part of the gift is even sweeter since her husband is a Huskers fan 🙂

(For the non-Midwesterners, the Hawkeyes are the University of Iowa where i went to law school, and the Huskers are the University of Nebraska.  Iowa and Nebraska are both in the Big 10 since Nebraska defected from the Big 12 a few years ago and play a big game on Thanksgiving weekend).

But in addition to that Hawkeye gear and a fun book (here), I also made a couple little things for the new little lady.

First this:

Creative Counselor: baby gift bib

And then this:

Creative Counselor: Baby Gift Peekaboo Bonnet

I’ll be back later with more about the bib (and a free pattern for it!) so today let’s talk about the bonnet.

The Made by Rae Peekaboo bonnet is pretty much my go-to baby girl gift.  It’s adorable, easy to make, and incredibly useful.  I first got this pattern when N was a baby, and was a little skeptical when I made it.  It seemed very Little House on the Prairie and I questioned how much I would put a big ol’ bonnet on my baby girl.

But then I realized something — it was the only hat she couldn’t pull off her head!  Well, once I realized that, she wore that bonnet all the time!  And I started making them for all my friends who had little girls.  Because what mama doesn’t appreciate a hat that little hands can’t tear off their heads?

Creative Counselor: Baby Gift Peekaboo Bonnet

For this bonnet, I chose a vintage floral cotton for the main side and yellow gingham quilting cotton for the reverse.  These friends are adamant no-pink-and-purple people (haha, I’ll let them keep the delusion that they can actually influence their daughter’s color choices in the long term for a while longer.  That one will be crushed soon enough), so there’s not a speck of pink or purple on this bonnet. (Though I blatantly ignored that request for the bib — makers’ perogative).

Creative Counselor: Baby Gift Peekaboo Bonnet

I don’t have volumes to say about this pattern.  I like it.  I think it’s darling on babies and toddlers, it’s pretty easy to sew up, and it’s super useful.  I went with brown piping on the outside to accent the floral fabric.  I love the piping on this pattern — such a great finished product.

Creative Counselor: Baby Gift Peekaboo Bonnet

I do use a slightly different construction than in the pattern.  Basically, if you follow the pattern instructions, you sew the band on the wrong side, and then hand stitch the side with the piping to finish off the main part of the bonnet.  I find it difficult to hand stitch  through multiple layers of fabric and piping (my fingers ache for ages after that when I tried it), so instead I reverse the process.  I finish off the piped side first and then hand-stitch down the wrong side.  I don’t find the stitches to be any more visible and it’s much easier on my fingers to do it this way!

Creative Counselor: Baby Gift Peekaboo Bonnet

So anyway, if you’re looking for a go-to baby gift, this is a good one!

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  1. Sweet gifts! I have new babies in my family I need to sew for… All girls! One was born yesterday and another is due any day. And a 3rd girl is 2 months old now. Must be a girl run in our family! Anyway I love the bonnets and bib. Too cute!

  2. I only just read this blog post!!! Thank you thank you for the awesome gifts, the bib has the perfect amount of pink 😉 We’ll be living in our no-pink delusion a little longer however I’m super happy with the cuteness of what you put together! Can’t wait to try out some of your other dress patterns in a few weeks.

    1. So excited to see you! Yes, enjoy the no-pink while you can 🙂 When N was a baby, she wore mostly blue and green because those colors were so good on her. But then she turned 2 and developed very strong opinions. It’s been pink and purple ever since!

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