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Rut?  What Rut?

Some people, seeing yet another tank top on my blog, might say that I am in a sewing rut.  But I say, no way!  It’s just Midwest summer 🙂

Creative Counselor: Plantain tank mash-up

Anyway, I’m “bringing home” this outfit that I originally posted over on the Sew the Show blog as my Modern-Family-inspired July Sew the Show outfit.

And yes, it’s just another knit tank top.  And yes I love it and wear it all the time.

Creative Counselor: Plantain tank mash-up

This particular tank is a mash-up of the Alabama Chanin fitted top (reviewed here) and the free Deer & Doe Plantain Tee (reviewed here).  I wanted the general shape through the bust and middle of the Plantain, but I already had the armscyce and straps adjusted on the Alabama Chanin top, so I just combined the two!

It was a very easy mash-up and the result is a really comfortable, wearable summer top.  I won’t go on and on about this top since I admit that it’s not something spectacular that merits a ton of words.  But as I sew more and more of my own clothes, not everything does.

My only gripe about this top is the fabric.  I used a rayon-spandex jersey from Girl Charlee, and like almost all rayon jerseys, it’s not as substantial as I would like.  This top already has a few small holes in the front of it where the fabric must have caught on something.  I notice this a lot with my RTW t-shirts and tanks and it’s happened with rayon jersey fairly frequently as well.  That’s one reason why I love my bamboo/spandex jersey — I rarely have this sort of problem with that fabric.

Creative Counselor: Plantain tank mash-up

As I move towards having a fully me-made wardrobe (and believe me, I am getting closer every week), I’m trying to balance these quick, easy, wardrobe-builder projects with the meatier, sink-my-teeth-into-it makes.  For example, in between the quick makes I’ve been posting recently, I’m gradually working on a really quality pair of dark wash Ginger Jeans.  And this fall I’m planning to tackle a pair of wide-leg Sorell trousers in a luscious navy blue wool crepe that’s been in my stash forever.

Creative Counselor: Plantain tank mash-up

It’s nice to have these quick makes in between though.  I’m the kind of person who likes to finish things relatively often to keep myself motivated for the next project.  Something large like jeans, or nicely-fitted trousers, or a coat, take a long time from start to finished garment if I do all the quality finishes that I want.  These in-between projects keep me motivated to go back to my sewing machine for the next step in those big projects.

How do you keep your sewjo up?

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  1. I had those tiny holes in ALL my shirts and it drove me BANANAS. My theory is that it’s from leaning up against the counter when I’m in the kitchen. Somehow the fabric catches on the underside roughness of the counter. When I began being diligent about wearing an apron, the holes stopped appearing.

    Anyway, it’s a thought. Your tank is great!

    1. Thanks! I get those holes a LOT in my RTW stuff too. You’re right — it comes from leaning up against stuff and then at work from my desk, etc. But since I started sewing, I’ve noticed that it happens a lot more with certain types of fabric. For example, I wear my Nettie tees made out of bamboo/spandex jersey all the time and those have never shown a single hole, whereas something made from a thinner rayon jersey has holes almost as soon as I put it on. Guess I just need to be more careful about the fabric that I use for heavily-worn items like tees and tanks.

  2. It looks lovely! Though that’s a real shame about the fabric. I’d been living in a couple of shop-bought knit tanks I’ve had for years but just made myself another woven tiny pocket tank which I love so I’m with you on sewing tanks! I think a knit tiny pocket tank is next for me!

  3. This is really cute! I kinda have a love/hate with rayon jersey; it’s super soft, but always too thin. I also find that it tends to twist after washing… very annoying!

    1. I’m developing a similar relationship with it. It’s so soft and comes in such lovely prints, but my finished garments just aren’t as nice and don’t have the same longevity that they would if I used a different fabric.

  4. I’m the same way with my sewing projects. I like to mix some quick easy ones in with the more time consuming ones. I just finished a pair of Named Jamie Jeans.

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