Happy birthday Washi!

The Washi dress, the very first women’s pattern released from Made by Rae, turned three years old this week!

Creative Counselor: Happy birthday Washi!

So I don’t typically celebrate birthdays for random patterns, but Rae decided to have a Washi birthday celebration and since Washi was one of the first patterns I sewed successfully for myself, I decided to join in!

When Washi was first released, I had been sewing children’s clothing for about a year, having started sewing in July of 2011 when N was a mere 2 months old.  I made my first Washi in fall of 2012 and posted about it here when this blog was a mere 5 months old.

Creative Counselor: Happy Birthday Washi!

My Washi served me well and I made another when I was pregnant with Baby J in the spring of 2013.  I loooooved my record Washi, which was featured in our family “album cover” photo.

Creative Counselor: Happy Birthday Washi!

So in honor of Washi’s third birthday, I decided to sew up my third Washi!

This time I went for a top because time has told me that I’m not really a dress person. Dresses are nice in theory but when it comes down to practice, I just don’t wear them that often. Creative Counselor: Happy birthday Washi!

Let’s have a frank discussion about this top — it’s just not doing it for me.  It’s a nice top and a great pattern but when I wear it, I feel like I’m wearing a maternity top.  After having three babies and spending more than 2 years of my life pregnant, the last thing I want to wear these days is a maternity top.

I sooooo wanted to love this top.  In fact, I actually had this post drafted raving about how awesome my light airy top was (before I had finished making it of course).  But when it came right down to it I just couldn’t publish that post because it would be a lie and I do my best never to lie to you folks.  So I rewrote it.

Creative Counselor: Happy birthday Washi!

The truth is I don’t love this top.  Yes, it is light and airy, it goes together really nicely and the pattern has fantastic drafting.  This is one of the only sleeveless patterns where I don’t need a sloping shoulder adjustment (how crazy is that?!?), but I still won’t be making the top version again.

I kept this top simple — sleeveless, scoop neck, pleats.  The fabric is a light and airy voile from Fabric Mart, I believe.  They were having a sale on shirtings a while back and I picked up several cuts for some new shirts and tops.  I originally intended this fabric for another Scout Tee, and part of me wishes that I had used it for that purpose :/

Creative Counselor: Happy birthday Washi!

I hate to be such a downer, but not everything we make is going to be a winner, and we’re not all going to love every version of every pattern.  I do love my Washi dresses and I will continue to wear those.  But I will be sending this top off to a friend who is my size and might actually need it as a maternity top at some point.

Creative Counselor: Happy birthday Washi!

I’ve already posted about this pattern twice and did a detailed review here, so check out that post for all the nitty-gritty.

But anyway … happy birthday Washi, it really is a great pattern and I love my Washi dresses.  I don’t love the top version because apparently all babydoll tops feel like maternity tops to me.  But if you do like the babydoll look, try out Washi — it actually doesn’t make you look pregnant (which I cannot say for all tops in this style), and is a wonderfully drafted pattern.

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  1. i have been thinking about making the washi for girls sewing weekend, but i have too many other ideas going around in my head. 🙂 i agree that the top version is best for those with a baby bump, but the dress version is totally adorable on you! Rae does have some great patterns.

    1. I think you’d like the Washi dress. And it is a surprisingly fast sew. I cut this one evening and sewed the entire thing the next. And I’m not particularly speedy!

  2. I totally know what you’re saying. An empire waist top always makes me feel like I’m wearing maternity clothing. But it looks lovely anyway.

    1. Thank you! For some reason the dress version doesn’t have the same association for me and I love wearing my Washi dresses. But I’m ruined on empire waist tops forever I think 😕

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