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Kymy Dolman: A pattern review

You all know I can’t post about a new pattern and pattern company without giving you all the nitty-gritty detail. My blog tour post on Saturday was getting way too long for my typical pattern review, so I decided to break it out and review separately.

Creative Counselor: Kymy Dolman Top by EYMM

Bottom line:  I was surprised at how much I liked this top, particularly since it’s a very simple design.  What I really love about it is the fit through the waist and hips.  I think it’s just so flattering and I can wear it with so many things.

I have a number of printed knit fabrics sitting in my stash and this pattern will be a great way to use some of them up!  And with 5 different views, I don’t have to make the same shirt over and over again — love that!

Creative Counselor: Kymy Dolman Top by EYMM

Pattern: Kymy Dolman Top (affiliate link) from Everything Your Mama Made.

Cost: $9.95

Size: S.

Fabric: Bamboo jersey from

Difficulty: Knit beginner.

Techniques required: Sewing with knits, knit bands (optional).

Similar patterns:  Day Tripper top by Shwin Designs; free dolman top by Cation Designs; Dolores Batwing Top by SoZo; Kirsten Kimono Tee by Maria Denmark.

Modifications: None!

Fit:  Perfect.  I sized down to a small since my measurements fell between sizes, and that was a good choice.  The fit is exactly how I want it.

Pattern Format: PDF.  Not my favorite format, and not my favorite PDF file to work with, but it wasn’t that bad.  There are 3 different sets of pattern pieces depending on which view you are making and they’re all in a single file.  But Kymy does include page ranges to print based on the view you’re making.  I actually ended up printing 6 pages that I didn’t need to use.  The pattern goes from XS all the way up to 5X, so there were a number of pages that only related to the larger sizes.  I found the pattern instructions to be a bit jumbled visually, but ultimately I could follow and find everything I needed with relatively little difficulty.


  • Super easy construction.  This is an instant gratification pattern if there ever was one.
  • 5 different views gives lots of options and a lot of value.  One of the views is even maternity-friendly.
  • Big size range.  The pattern includes sizes XS-5X.  The smaller sizes I would expect, but I know that nice plus-size patterns can be hard to come by.
  • Very few lines mean this pattern would work well with a large-scale print.  There’s nothing to break up the print.
  • I really like the fit through the waist.


  • The turn-under-and-hem method for finishing the arms and neckline presented some minor problems, but ultimately they turned out fine.
  • The layout of the PDF instructions kind of gave me a headache.

Overall Grade:  B+.  Way more pros than cons, as you can see.  This is a really solid pattern.  Nothing exciting or particularly innovative, but solid and an instant gratification make.

* I was provided this pattern free of charge for a blog tour.  As usual, I will swear from here to next Sunday that my opinions are my own, and as usual, you should take this review with whatever size grain of salt you choose to assign to it since receiving free things obviously can impact opinions, regardless of the purity of my intentions. Just keepin’ it real, folks.

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