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Coffee Date {#59}

Creative Counselor: Let's have a coffee date

Happy Friday! I’m unreasonably glad that it’s Friday, maybe because it still feels like it should be Wednesday for some reason.  I so often think about an adage that I once heard about parenting:  “The days are long, but the years are short.”  As my kids get older, that seems more and more true.  There are days when it seems like bedtime will never come, but then I blink my eyes and it’s June and my oldest baby will be starting kindergarten in two short months!

I’ve been whining all week about the weather here, and I’ll whine a little bit more.  I feel a little bad about that, but then it is my blog so if I can’t whine here, where can I?  Here we are a full week into June, and we haven’t had a single day hit 90 degrees yet, there hasn’t been a dry stretch that lasted longer than 3 days in over a month, and I feel like I’ll never see the sun again.  I am sooooooo ready for our nice, hot, sunny, dry summer!

This incredibly rainy spring also means that I haven’t had a chance to finish the garden that we started back in April!  Since the ground has never been turned up before, we need to till it, and we need a week or so of dry weather for the ground to dry out before we can do that, so yeah.  Garden remains extremely unfinished and it is extremely annoying.  I’m planning to finish the fence this weekend so at least it looks like a garden rather than a bunch of posts sticking up out of the ground.  Even if there is grass growing in that garden.

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you that we have started down the black hole that is youth sports.  Well, sort of.  J just turned 6 and starts kindergarten in August, which means he is officially old enough for all the sports.

Don’t worry, he’s not doing all the sports.  But he is doing swim team and playing t-ball this summer and those two alone are causing scheduling issues.  Primarily because all of his t-ball games are on Saturday mornings, as are his four swim meets.  There’s one meet day where the t-ball game is late enough that we can probably do both.  But otherwise he’ll have to miss one or the other.  I can’t imagine having additional sports or other kids added into the mix.  Once all three are old enough for sports, we’ll have to do some serious prioritizing.

Creative Counselor coffee date
J warming up before his first swim team practice. I felt so bad for the kid — it was COLD that day!
Creative Counselor coffee date
And here they are hopping around the pool before getting in. He really likes swim team so far!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I had a nice time catching up with my best friend from college, Lauren, when she came to visit last weekend.  She graduated from law school last May and is now halfway through a clerkship at the Iowa Supreme Court.  Next year she’ll move into private practice doing tax and estate planning (It always puzzles me that after a year at the Iowa Supreme Court, someone could still choose tax and estate planning over litigation, but I guess I’m biased).  It has been a long time so some extended chatting time was waaaaay overdue.

If we were having coffee this morning, I would also tell you that I’m I’m very excited to have friends visiting the next two weekends.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen these friends and I’m really looking forward to catching up.  In particular, I’m excited that my photographer extraordinaire friend Crystal will be down next weekend with her husband (who sounds like an afterthought the way I wrote this but really he’s one of Albert’s best friends from college).

I’m going to take a few days off work while they’re here and have a proper “staycation,” which I’m really looking forward to.  All my kids will be in school one of the days they’re here, which means a blessedly kid-free day (until 3pm at least) to hang with adults.  We’ll do new family photos, and Crystal and I are also planning to do my first-ever boudoir shoot.  I had hoped to have had a chance to lean out a little more before I’m photographed in my skivvies, but a two-week jury trial with all the prep and recovery that accompanies it is NOT conducive to a big lean-out program.  Oh well.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my friend Maggie talked me into signing up for the Kansas City half marathon in October.  It’s been 4 years since I ran a race longer than a 5K and I am not undertaking it without some serious training.  That means more scheduling craziness over the summer, but I’m actually looking forward to having something to give me the discipline to get at it every day.  I bought the Hanson’s Half Marathon Method, and I really like their approach.  My 18-week program starts June 14!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I still haven’t set a date for my kids’ birthday parties, and they turned 6 and 4 two and three weeks ago respectively!  Party planning is obviously not my forte.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?

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  1. Usually we’re the ones with a rainy spring, but this year we’ve been so dry. We had one solid day of rain this week and are hoping for more… It seems like we’re always at one extreme or the other! Scheduling with kid activities is so hard as they get older. We put off signing up my littlest for anything, but he really wants to play soccer, so we’ll try and add that to the schedule this fall. Even if every kid has one thing, it’s so much when you add it all together. I’m lucky that my husband’s work schedule can be pretty flexible for pick ups and drop offs, but the weeks he has been out of town (way to many this spring!) have been brutal. So looking forward to a quiet summer!

    1. I would gladly send some of this rain your way. The radio weather guy said that it’s rained 27 of the last 31 days — I definitely believe him! And our 10-day forecast shows another 6 days of rain. It’s too much — we were in a drought the last couple of years but this year there’s been so much rain that there’s pretty much always a flash flood watch.

      We’ll do the one-activity-per-kid thing too once the other two are old enough to be involved in activities. I feel a little bad that they’ll have to choose (until school sports start at least), but there are only so many hours in the day!

  2. We’ve finally got our sunshine! 25°C today (I haven’t got a clue what that is in F!) so we spent the morning in a local park with a friend and her baby. It was lovely, I took a picnic (which the toddler demolished) and he finally conquered his fear of the swings. We’re really looking forward to our holiday, a week on the beach then a weekend at my sister’s house so that we can have a good catch up. I’m also looking forward to a week out of the loop, very little internet signal where we’re going 😀

  3. We’ve FINALLY hit the ’80s here, and I couldn’t be happier. It seems particularly cruel that we have to suffer through winters that start in November and last until June. Ugh.

    We’ve opted out of organized sports for now. It was nice when all three were doing karate because a) they were in the same class for a while and b) it only required being in one place at a time. We took a break in March originally intended for a month, but it’s lasted four months and we may not go back. We’ll reassess in the fall, but everyone seems happy. It’s sometimes tough because around here it’s definitely NOT the norm — kids are semi-professional by age 8, and there’s no chance of being on any varsity High School team if they haven’t been playing the sport since age 3.

    YAYAYAYAYAY for the half! Hanson’s is intense, but I like the discipline of it. It sounds strange, but it’s easier to stick to the plan when it’s 6 days a week because it becomes habit and it’s harder to blow off runs once they become part of your daily routine. Good luck! I’ll be cheering you on!

    1. It seems crazy to me that kids have to start so young to play in high school. Particularly when the chances of them playing anything beyond high school is so incredibly small from a statistical standpoint.

      I’m sure it’s the same around here, but I know that we need to keep it under control to have some semblance of normalcy in our lives. J will play soccer this fall and that’s it. We’ll probably reassess every season. N is signed up for dance for the year though — she loves it!

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