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Is January too early to plan for Me-Made-May?

Ok so I know it’s only January and Me-Made May is still 3 months away, but I’m already starting my planning!

You see, I love participating in MMM every year — it’s such a great way to connect with the larger sewing community — but this May will present a few me-made challenges for me. Specifically, I am scheduled to be in a 3-week trial for almost the entire month!

One of the sad realities of being the only female attorney in the courtroom is that while my male colleagues could wear the same suit for 3 weeks straight and no one would be any the wiser, the jury will likely notice and analyze what I am wearing every. single. day. That means I can’t have the same 3 outfits on repeat for the whole month but instead need to put a little effort into mixing it up. Luckily I sew!

So trial obviously presents challenges but also opportunities. Three weeks is a long time and I don’t have enough trial-appropriate clothes for the whole time. It will force me out of my knit-sewing rut, make me reacquaint with wovens, and give me the opportunity to tackle some more complicated projects and techniques.

Thankfully I don’t have to make a whole trial wardrobe. (Whew!) I currently have 2 full suits (one pants only, though) as well as 3 dressy jackets that I can mix and match with different skirts. I may need one more full suit (which I’d likely buy), another jacket or two to mix and match, maybe one more skirt and a few blouses. That’s a total of 5-10 handmade items to round out my trial wardrobe. Adding those would allow me to commit to wearing at least 1 handmade item a day during MMM too!

I’ve already made a couple of Sutton Blouses, which will be awesome to wear under my suits. I’d like to make at least one more since they’re so very versatile. I’ve done a muslin of the Geometry Top and just need to make it up in a nice drapey fabric.

I also have the two new Sewaholic patterns — the Granville and Oakridge blouses on order. They will be perfect to wear under suits, especially Oakridge! I’d actually like to have Oakridge in both a solid and a print.

For the skirt, I think it’s finally time to tackle the Pleated Pencil Skirt in a nice neutral. I already have black and navy skirts, so maybe brown or gray?

And then the jacket! I bought the Bernadette jacket by Republique du Chiffon because it is exactly the style I like to mix and match with my skirts. I think it would be great in a colorful silk tweed.

And if I get the motivation for a second jacket, I recently acquired two Lekala patterns — 5547 and 4143. Either would be great in a springy-colored suiting fabric.

What do you think? Any other business-formal patterns I should check out?

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  1. I’ve been thinking about Me-Made-May too 🙂 I also have a trial in May, so really like to see what you’re planning. The blouses and skirt you’ve picked out are perfect. I’d like to add a pair of dress trousers. I’ll probably use one of the Vogue Alice and Olivia patterns (sadly discontinued).

    1. Good luck! Are you pretty sure yours is going to go?

      A good pair of dress trousers is nice to have. I always feel like I can get away with trousers once a week at most during trial and then only if I’m sitting at counsel table all day and not presenting. Luckily my two pantsuits should be plenty to get me through!

      If I did have to make pants, I’d probably tackle the Sewaholic Thurlow. (Or buy them more likely — let’s keep it real here 🙂 )

  2. Not too early at all! The blouses and skirt should be fairly quick to put together, a jacket though just takes time! I also think that me-mades for lounging at home after work totally count for MMM. 🙂 No need to put undue pressure on yourself!

  3. There’s a good chance the trial will be post-poned…but can’t count on that 🙂 I don’t wear trousers that much during trial, but need a break from pantyhose once in awhile, lol.

  4. I’m intrigued by the In House Diana blouse. I like that it won’t gape at the bust if worn with a jacket. Haven’t made it yet. Kudos for developing so many me-makes to get through all of your trial days.

    You mentioned in your goals that you wanted to try bra making this year. If you’re in Wichita check out Anne at Needle Nook fabrics. I took one of her bra courses and it was wonderful.

    1. Ooh, I like that pattern! It reminds me of the Thread Theory Camas shirt but in woven. If I have time (ha!) I might check it out. I love the pants and shorts patterns too…

      I’m not in Wichita, but every time I’m there I’m surprised and impressed by all the amazing fabric stores!

  5. I don’t think it’s too soon at all, I loved participating in MMM 2 years ago and missed it last year so I’m already thinking how I can make it work this year. Sorry I don’t have any ideas on a formal wardrobe as I don’t really need formal clothes but your ideas sound great, good luck!

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