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Top 5 of 2014: Top 5 Reflections

Reflecting on my sewing habits over the last year was a good exercise. Some of these reflections were pretty obvious and some more of a revelation.

Sometimes it seems crazy that I spend so much of my time doing something that pays me exactly nothing, but I really do love it. And something to which I devote so much of my time and energy definitely deserves some good reflection:

1. I buy too much fabric without a plan.

My sewing room is overflowing with fabric. Most I bought with a vague idea in mind — I.e., “This would make a great skirt” — but no real “plan.” And then it sat unused because I have far less time than I think I do when I’m fabric shopping. Lately I’m not even tempted to buy fabric because the sheer size of my stash is a little embarrassing.

2. I am really bad at sticking to plans.

Even when I make plans, I’m terrible at sticking to them. Last year I identified 12 patterns I wanted to make in 2014. I think I made 2 of them. I’d rather just make whatever I’m in the mood for.

3. I sew too many dresses. I prefer separates.

There are so many cute dress patterns out there, and I always want to make them. But when I really look at how I dress, I vastly prefer separates. I think going forward I’ll try to focus on really nicely finished tops and tackle pants for beefier projects.

4. I sew too often with prints. I prefer solids.

Again, so many pretty prints! I love to look at them but don’t usually want to wear them. I need to be better about picking my prints carefully. Frequently the reason I buy fabric is because I need a solid and have none in my stash.

5. Sometimes I let my hobbies throw my life out of balance.

I love to sew and create, almost to the point of obsession sometimes. It can throw my life balance out of whack. These past two months since my girls’ weekend I’ve been better about keeping a balance. As a result, my sewing time has gone way down. Going forward, I want to make it a priority to keep a better balance — relationships, exercise, food, work, hobbies — they all need a place. My sewing time will be less so I need to be sure I make it count and take on only projects I love and am excited about.

Top 5 of 2014

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  1. I’m with you on becoming a borderline obsessive! I blame my obsession on having to sew on the kitchen table, so I’m always really keen to completely finish off a project before (once again) packing it all up and away on our guest room…

  2. I am much the same way about the obsessive sewing! I’ve had to cut way back this fall, and for once I’ve been okay with that. I do love a good print… why is it so hard to reach for a solid fabric? Ha! Ah, oh well… 🙂

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