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Hi my name is Katie and I am a sweatshirtaholic — the Lola dress

The first stage of recovery is admitting that you have a problem, right?

Hi, my name is Katie and I am obsessed with sweatshirts.  Though I don’t particularly consider that to be a problem, so I guess I’m not on the road to recovery quite yet!

I’ve had the Victory Pattern Lola dress in my stash for months but didn’t get around to sewing it up last winter.  I’ve mentioned before that I am terrible about sewing ahead of seasons — I sew winter clothes in wintertime, summer clothes in summertime, etc.  So I didn’t get the urge to tackle Lola again until the weather was decidedly chilly.

Victory Patterns Lola dress sewn by Katie @
Lola Dress

Lola kinda rocks!

I sewed this up in a lovely French terry sweater knit from Hart’s Fabric with ribbing from Stylish Fabrics and it is so comfy and cozy!

When I first printed this pattern (yes, I have it in PDF :/), I found it fairly intimidating because there are lots and lots of pieces and seams.  It seemed so complicated for a sweatshirt dress.

Victory Patterns Lola dress sewn by Katie @
Lola side view.

However, all of those seams are my favorite part of this pattern!  The seaming gives this dress a really nice shape that makes it flattering and keeps me from looking like I’m wearing a sack!  That’s the problem with many sweatshirt dress patterns that I’ve seen.  They go for comfort over shape and undoubtedly feel like pajamas.  The problem is they kinda look like it too!

By contrast, Lola has a really nice shape that definitely puts it in the secret pajama category — seriously comfy but stylish enough that I don’t mind wearing it around town.  And it has HUGE pockets — score!

Victory Patterns Lola dress sewn by Katie @
See my pockets?

The construction was really easy.  Yes, there are a lot of pieces to sew together, but other than double-stitching the top of the pockets, I made this whole dress on my serger.  It went together much, much faster than I had anticipated.

And there you have it.  Not much more to say about Lola.  She’s a great sweatshirt dress, and I would definitely recommend it!

Victory Patterns Lola dress sewn by Katie @
Back view.

Pattern: Lola Dress by Victory Patterns.

Size: 6.

Fabric: The main fabric is a terry-backed sweater knit from Hart’s Fabric.  The ribbing is from Stylish Fabric.

Difficulty: Adventurous beginning/intermediate.  I wouldn’t recommend this as a first knit project, but if you are generally comfortable with knits, this shouldn’t present any problems.

Techniques required: Sewing knits, hemming knits, sewing bands, sewing curved seams on knits.

Similar patterns: Burdastyle Sweatshirt Mini-dress 01/2011; Blank Slate Pocketful of Posies Dress

Modifications: None.

Fit: Really good.  I love the look of raglans and they fit my shoulders really well.  I also love that the princess seams give the bust a nice shape.

Pattern Format: This pattern is available in both PDF and printed.  I have the PDF.  If I could go back and do it again, I would get the printed version because the pattern sheet is a bear to tape together.  However, since I have the PDF, I didn’t bother tracing all those parts, but just cut my sheet.  So that’s good.


  • Good fit and the seamlines give this dress a nice shape.
  • More flattering and put-together than other sweatshirt dresses I’ve seen.  I don’t mind leaving the house in this.
  • Relatively easy to construct.  I made the whole thing on my serger and it went together much faster than I expected.
  • Instructions were good.  I actually looked at them this time to make sure I was getting all the pieces together right.
  • Great drafting.  Everything was true to size.


  • The pockets are drafted to be a touch wider than the side piece at the top.  This is to make them easier to access, but I find that mine flop a little and expose the terry backing on my fabric.  In the future I would trim the sides of the pockets so the width matches the side piece.
  • No lengthen-shorten lines on the pattern (that I saw at least).  I’d like to shorten it a few inches to make it more tunic-length to wear with leggings or skinny jeans.
  • This dress is a pretty distinct style and wouldn’t lend itself all that well to modification or hacking.  I do love the style of it, though.

Overall Grade: B+.  I love this for a comfy winter weekend dress or tunic.  It is a pretty distinct style, though, and doesn’t have a lot of possibilities for modification.  Still, it’s a great, well-drafted little pattern.

**I purchased everything used in this post with my own money.

**Once again, J was my photographer.  This was the last thing we photographed this day so he was starting to get the hang of it! 

0 thoughts on “Hi my name is Katie and I am a sweatshirtaholic — the Lola dress

  1. This is really, really cute! Definitely comfy AND stylish. I’ve eyed this pattern for ages, but I’ve seen such mixed things about VP’s fitting. Love your fabric, in fact I have a very similar french terry in my stash.

  2. I like that this pattern has shape… maybe I’ll make it next winter…
    I’ve often thought about ditching the pockets all together when I’ve considered making it. What do you think?

    1. Ditching the pockets would be super easy and would make it more sleek. I love the convenience of the pockets though since I’m always carrying stuff around.

  3. I’ve loved your sweatshirt posts! This dress is great! When I start getting serious about sewing winter staples, I’m going to be sewing lots of sweatshirts and leggings. I was wondering the same thing as sewbusylizzy ^^^ Could I sew one without pockets?

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