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Indie Round Up — Maternity and Nursing Patterns

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!  There are so many amazing indie patterns available these days that it can be hard to sort through them all and find something that really works for what you need.  I hope that the reviews I do here help readers get a good idea of what to expect from a pattern, but sometimes you just need ideas about where to start!

So periodically (hopefully weekly, but don’t hold me to that), I plan to do round ups of indie patterns for exactly that purpose.  I thought I’d start with a category that is under-represented in the indie pattern world — maternity and nursing.


1.      Ruched Maternity T shirt — No round up of indie maternity patterns could be complete without listing Megan Nielsen.  I’ve only included two of her maternity patterns here, but she offers a whole line up, all of which are great maternity patterns.  The Ruched Maternity T-shirt was probably my favorite of all the maternity patterns I used.

Ruched maternity t-shirt sewn by Katie @
My ruched t-shirt made when I was pregnant with Baby J. Click on the photo to see my detailed review.

2.     Ruched Maternity Skirt — I think some people are inclined to skip the ruched maternity skirt, thinking that they don’t want to wear something so tight while 25+ pounds above their normal weight.  I would disagree with that thinking.  I think this pattern is one of the most flattering maternity patterns I’ve found.  It looks good on everyone!

Ruched maternity skirt sewn by Katie @
And my ruched maternity skirt, sewn much later in my pregnancy! Click the photo for my detailed review.

3.    Aspen Pants — This pattern by Greenstyle Creations is not designed as a maternity pattern, but it has a stretchy yoga-style waistband and would definitely work for maternity!  These are loose, and loungy, which was always a plus for me when pregnant!

Aspen Pants sewn by Katie @
My Aspen pants made postpartum after Baby J. Click the photo to see my full review.

4.     Virginia Leggings — I have a pair of Virginia leggings sitting half-finished in my sewing room right now.  And they’ve been that way for about 6 months (eek!).  What can I say, I lose the motivation to sew leggings once summer hits.  But now that fall is in the air, I’m going to pick them up and finish them!  Leggings are always a comfy staple when pregnant, and Megan Nielsen’s Virginia Leggings even come with a low-rise option designed for maternity.

5.     Washi Dress — This is another pattern not marketed as a maternity pattern, but it definitely works for pregnancy, at least to a point.  Washi is ubiquitous in the indie sewing world, and Rae’s first women’s pattern is a great one.  I loved my Washi dress during my first couple of trimesters with Baby J!

Washi Dress sewn by Katie @
My Washi worn at the end of my second trimester with Baby J. Click the photo to see my full post.


If there aren’t many maternity patterns available, there are even fewer nursing patterns!  I’m planning a round-up for next week of patterns that can easily be hacked for nursing, but here are a couple that work straight out of the envelope.

1.    Perfect Nursing Top — This list is dominated by Megan Nielsen patterns since most of her maternity patterns also work for nursing.  I never made her Perfect Nursing Top because it just wasn’t my style, but if you do like this style, her patterns pretty much rock.

2.     Day-to-Night Drape Top — This was my personal favorite nursing top.  The stretchy draped neckline is really easy to pull down for nursing access, and it doesn’t scream “nursing top.”  I made 2 of these which I wore all the time while nursing Baby J!

Day to Night Drape Top sewn by Katie @
My fave nursing top. Click the photo for my detailed review.

3.     Tiramisu — Cake Patterns’ Tiramisu dress is greating for BFing mamas as well.  It’s comfy because it’s knit, and the wrap top gives easy nursing access.  Also, the design of the pattern includes extra room in the bust, which is good when your knockers are bigger than usual!  When I was BFing Baby J, I combined the Tiramisu bodice with the Red Velvet skirt (here).  It was one of the only dresses I could wear to work for almost a year!

4.    Wrapped Maternity Top — Another Megan Nielsen pattern.  I have this pattern but never got around to sewing it up while pregnant or nursing.  For nursing, I would shorten the wrap ties so they’re not quite so cumbersome and save some fabric.

5.     Pina Dress — This is a super comfy knit dress and the uber-low neckline is great for nursing.  But because the neckline is sooo low, I had to wear a cami underneath the dress. Then I came up with a very easy pattern hack to add a modesty panel.  You can see that here.

Pina Dress sewn by Katie @
My Pina dress that I made when I was about 8 months pregnant with Baby J. It can also be made as a top or tunic.

4 thoughts on “Indie Round Up — Maternity and Nursing Patterns

  1. i find your reviews so helpful, especially the maternity and nursing ones, so thanks for this round-up! i’ve got the day-to-night top and never thought of using it for nursing. will have to try that out! a pattern that I love for both maternity and nursing is Jalie 2787 – it looks and functions just like the Japanese weekend crossover top, only you can make it yourself for a fraction of the cost! thanks again for all your work on this blog!

    1. Thank you — I’m glad they’re helpful for you.

      That Jalie pattern would work well for nursing! I always preferred the nursing tops I made myself — it’s hard to find good RTW nursing clothes at an affordable price :/

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