Coffee Date Friday

Coffee Date Friday {#35}

Come join me for a coffee date!

If we were having coffee today … Well, it’s Friday night so let’s be real here, we’d be having drinks!

If we were having drinks, I would tell you that it’s been a long week. I had another trial this week, a bench trial again. But even though bench trials are much more low key than jury trials, they’re still exhausting.

If we were having drinks I’d tell you that it was my birthday this week! On Wednesday I turned the big ol’ 3-5. And I spend the day in trial :/

I think I might start using J’s math. On Tuesday night when Albert told them it was my birthday the next day, J said, “Mommy you’re going to be twenty-one?” Why yes. Yes I am.

Albert had the kids pick out cards for me for when I got home after court. Naomi picked out a card that was also a wearable pink crown. She handed it to me to open, then promptly grabbed it and asked me to put it on her. It is now her “beautiful sparkly crown.” She ended up in this get-up that evening:


If we were having drinks, I’d tell you that summer appears to be gone and fall has officially arrived. We’ve been having beautiful fall days but it’s always bittersweet to see summer go. I love the sun and the heat and while fall is gorgeous and the cool weather a nice reprieve it does mean winter is on the way.

If we were having drinks, what would you tell me?

6 thoughts on “Coffee Date Friday {#35}

  1. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great birthday week.

    Funny, I just commented on how the summer felt so short. But then again, I feel it has been warm in California for ages! We had such a mild winter that all the seasons kinda mashed into one long one.

    If we were having coffee I would tell you that I’ve had three Alder dress sitting and waiting for me to make up but I haven’t felt the need yet. Repeats of Law and Order Season 1 have been winning me over. Sometimes it’s nice not to concentrate in the evenings.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!! Summer has gone by so fast! I The days are starting to get shorter and colder. Today it was in the low 40s, which is the coldest it’s been here all summer. Not quite ready for cold temps!!

    If we were having drinks, I’d tell you that this has been a really long week. I just finished my 3rd week of school, but in some ways it feels like it’s been 3 months. I’d tell you that I had my first quiz for my hardest class and it went much better than I expected! Yay! Even though I’ve been super busy with school, I’ve been trying to sneak some sewing time in here and there. I did manage to finish a pair of pants – my first pair of pants that aren’t pajama pants! I even wore them out in public the other day.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. I’m glad that your quiz went well! And in your hardest class — that always feels good. Kudos on finishing your first pair of non-pajama pants! That’s on my list for this fall …

  3. Hi Katie….if we were having drinks today, I would tell you HOW VERY MUCH I look forward to our Friday counselor sessions….I have never written as I am a great grandma and I am sure it is far more fun to hear from those still in the work force….I would tell you I think of my daughter every time I read your notes, as she too is an attorney….I would also tell you I have picked up many ideas on sewing for the kids from your posts (my favorite past time for all my great grand kids…I would also share we had our first killing frost so it is almost toast for my garden…
    I would also wish you a belated birthday and send a big thank you for sharing your special moments with us…

    1. Awww, thank you for taking the time to comment — I’m so glad that you did! Sewing for kids can be so rewarding. When they love something, it’s usually exuberantly and without reservation — it’s nice to feel that appreciation and know that you just made their day!

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