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Planning: My vacation capsule wardrobe

It wasn’t too long ago that we all trucked it out to California for our friend Leslie’s wedding.  Well, in September we get to do it again.  This time, my brother is getting married in Florida.  We’re headed down there with the whole fam, including Obaachan and Mimi and Papa.

I am once again making N’s flower girl dress (J will likely wear the suit I made him for the last wedding), but in addition to her dress, I really want to make my own clothes for the trip.  And I’ll need more clothes than I would typically bring on vacation, simply because of all the events we have to attend down there!

I have about 2 1/2 months before we leave for the wedding, and several sewing commitments during that time (including some pattern testing. Hint — it’s NOT for me!).  That sounds like a long time, but I know that I’ll be scrambling to finish N’s dress as well as my own capsule wardrobe.  So, I’d better plan it out!

Travel Days

  1. Colette Moneta in pink striped ponte
  2. Cropped Anima Pants in black and white tribal print knit.
  3. Plain tank tops (done!)

Wedding events

  1. Rehearsal dinner: Leini Dress in Steel Blue silk charmeuse.
  2. Wedding: Vanamo 2-piece cocktail dress in turquoise suiting (this is the only fabric not currently in my stash)
  3. Day-after Brunch: Lucie Dress in cream/black star charmeuse

Beach/Vacation Items

  1. Sleeveless Colette Laurel dress in blue double gauze
  2. Maritime shorts in chambray (or Colette Iris — we’ll see how the mood strikes me)
  3. Sleeveless Colette Laurel top in red polka dot double gauze (red is sold out — similar here)
  4. Archer in blue polka dot double gauze
  5. Sleeveless Colette Moneta in mint green stripe ponte
  6. V-neck Union St. Tee in pink jersey
  7. Colette Mabel miniskirt (done!)
  8. Julia Cardigan in mint jersey (done!)
  9. Julia Cardigan in gray jersey
  10. Plantain Tee dresses (done!)
  11. Mission Maxi in striped spandex jersey

Wow, that’s a lot.  Looks like the rest of my summer sewing is set!

0 thoughts on “Planning: My vacation capsule wardrobe

  1. Hi Katie
    It sounds like you will have your work cut out – I have a similarly long list in my head – I wrote it all down so I could look out for fabric then realised I forgot about three thinsg I bought patterns for last month!

    I have really enjoyed rreading your blog so I nominated you for a Liebster

    Please don’t worry about doing all the questions again if you have already had one of these!


    1. Oh thank you! I will go check out all your answers 😊 The chances of me making it through my whole list are quite slim, but I’ll give it a good try! At the very least it should keep me from buying stuff for more projects when this very ambitious list is set out in black and white for all the world to see!

  2. that is an ambitious list! i’m sure it’ll be helpful to have it written out like this, and nice that you already have all the fabrics! curious about your thoughts on the pink striped ponte… i’ve almost ordered that several times!

    1. Yes very ambitious — it’s almost a given that it won’t all happen. But I’ll try! I actually ordered the ponte during Girl Charlee’s Fourth of July sale and it should arrive tomorrow 😁 I’ll report on the quality once I get it in my hands!

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