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It’s *Just* a Tank Top!

I’m finally posting about some of my Back 2 Basics makes!

It’s been a quiet month around here, and even longer since I’ve posted anything of sewing substance. If you read my Coffee Date Friday posts, you have a hint as to why. Whole30 ate up (get it, ATE up–har har) a ton of my normal sewing time in June. Also, Albert’s right eye starting to blow up gave us quite a scare. But he got a steroid shot to the eyeball (ouch!) and his rheumatologist started him on immunosuppressants that seems to have calmed everything down.  At least for now.

Maria Denmark's It's *Just* a Tank Top pattern sewn up by Katie @ Creative Counselor for Back 2 Basics week
A summer wardrobe staple — the basic white tank

But, I did manage to get quite a bit of sewing in during my Back 2 Basics week, including a few tank tops.  The pattern is Just a Tank Top by Maria Denmark, and I love them.

Some people live in t-shirts, but for me it’s most often a tank top.  Kansas summers are long and hot and glorious, and I am a naturally warm person.  I generally don’t like having anything on my shoulders and arms when it’s not winter, so tank tops are my go-to.

And these are exactly the sort of tanks that I like.  The straps are pretty wide, so there’s no danger of a bra strap peeking out, and the scoop neck is really flattering.  I wear these to work as well as casually at home — gotta  love a piece that can do double duty!

Maria Denmark's It's *Just* a Tank Top pattern sewn up by Katie @ Creative Counselor for Back 2 Basics week
Wide straps, comfy fit. My perfect tank.

This pattern is simple and goes together quickly.  The pattern itself just comes with two pieces — front and back — and then suggested measurements for bindings.

In making these tanks, I discovered how to do a flatlock stitch on my serger, which means I can officially sew this entire tank, hem included, on my serger! It’s amazing how fast they go together now!  I’m not a fast sewer, but I have no doubt I could whip one of these babies up in an hour.

Maria Denmark's It's *Just* a Tank Top pattern sewn up by Katie @ Creative Counselor for Back 2 Basics week
White tank in bamboo jersey

I made three tanks in bamboo jersey from the Michael Levine online store — white (shown here), black and taupe.  These fabrics are wonderful — they’re soft and drapey but still have a decent amount of heft so they’re really easy to work with.  And the bamboo also makes them really breathable, unlike cotton or polyester of this weight.

I wear tanks so often during the summer that now I need to sew up a few of these in prints and bright colors!

Maria Denmark's It's *Just* a Tank Top pattern sewn up by Katie @ Creative Counselor for Back 2 Basics week
Love me a tank top!

Pattern: Just a Tank Top by Maria Denmark

Size: M

Fabric: Bamboo jersey from Michael Levine.

Modifications: None.

Fit: Right on.  I decided to forego a full bust adjustment since my fabric had so much stretch.  I never had an issue with fitting the girls in these tops, and now that my boobs are starting to deflate, I’m really glad I didn’t add anything extra!

Pattern Format: PDF pattern.  There are only two pattern pieces to piece together and cut out, though, so the file is relatively small as these things go.  But note that the pattern does not include seam allowances!


  • Easy construction.
  • Forgiving fit with some nice shaping.  The tank is shaped at the waist so it doesn’t just hang.
  • Quick project that can easily be done on either a traditional sewing machine or serger.
  • Good project for knit newbies.
  • Super versatile — this is a day-to-night or office-to-casual piece if there ever was one.


  • I know many people object to paying for such a simple pattern.  At 6 euro, this pattern isn’t expensive, but it’s not cheap either.  There are free options available for a simple tank, but I love Maria Denmark’s patterns and didn’t mind throwing a few bucks her way to do all the hard work for me 🙂
  • No seam allowances in the pattern.  Typical for European patterns, but I’m so lazy about adding them.

Overall Grade: A.  My go-to summer top pattern.

0 thoughts on “It’s *Just* a Tank Top!

    1. The basic patterns are usually my favorite ones. I use them so much! Particularly since I started focused on sewing a really wearable wardrobe, I rarely reach for more complex patterns, and instead go for the TNT basics that I’ll wear every day.

  1. I think the basic patterns are worth the money, since I usually end up using them multiple times…I am all about letting someone else do the work drafting! The tank looks great, and you look fantastic!

    1. Thank you! I generally avoid all kinds of pattern drafting — even the trace a shirt that fits well type. I’d much rather let someone else do that work for me 🙂 I’ve made this one four times now, and I plan to make a few more still this summer!

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