Back 2 Basics

Back 2 Basics Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who sewed along with me last week as I tackled the gaping holes in my wardrobe!

Work has completely blown up over the last week so I haven’t been able to do a proper “wrap up” post like I wanted.  Nor have I been able to actually photograph my makes for posts and pattern reviews!

But I thought I’d drop in for a quick update on my Back 2 Basics progress.  I admit that I cheated and started working on my items a few days early, so not all of this was completed in the last week.  But my wardrobe gained:

  • 3 short-sleeve Nettie bodysuits in white, black and taupe.
  • 3 Just a Tank Tops in white, black and taupe.
  • A mint green cap-sleeve Julia Cardigan
  • A Pepto Bismol pink long-sleeved Julia Cardian
  • 1/2 of a chambray Archer shirt.  I need to set in the second sleeve, sew up the side seams then complete the collar, hem and buttons and then it’s done!  Hope to get to that some time this week.

I’ve worn one of the Netties or tanks almost every day since I made them, which made me realize that I should probably make a few in prints as well.  Especially the tanks.  I wear tanks all the time!

I really enjoyed this process of identifying and filling the holes in my wardrobe with basic, wearable pieces.  So often I get drawn into the latest fun pattern or print that I neglect the items that I reach for 75% of the time.  And I love this little online community we have and am so grateful for the lovely ladies who jumped on my spontaneous invitation to sew along with me!

Who knows, maybe we can do it again in the fall to prepare for the cooler weather (or warm weather if you’re down under).  And if I can muster the energy, I might even try to do it in a more formal and organized way next time!  Maybe .. we’ll see 🙂

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