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Back 2 Basics Day 3

Since Albert and I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner before putting the kids to bed, my sewing time on Day 3 of my Back 2 Basics week didn’t start until about 9:30pm.  So I was up way too late, but I did manage to finish the Julia Cardian that I had cut out the night before:

Creative Counselor: Back 2 Basics Day 3
My first Julia Cardigan — already wearing it to work!

Great pattern. Such a quick sew, particularly since I could construct the entire thing on my serger!

I made this one in mint green cotton/spandex jersey — another example of how basics don’t have to be boring.  I love this color and it’s very on-trend right now, but it’s essentially a neutral and coordinates really well with the majority of my wardrobe.  Win-win!

On the agenda for tonight: Another Julia Cardigan, this time long-sleeved in pink 🙂

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  1. Perfect! I made a 3/4-sleeve one a few months ago, and I wear it to work regularly. But you’ve convinced me that now I need to make a short-sleeve one.

    1. I love the cap sleeves for summer! It’s just enough to keep me warm in the office but I’m not sweltering when I go outside. And I think they’re cute 😉

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