MMM 14

Me-Made May Casualties

Another Me-Made May in the books.  As I said on Friday, I learned a lot in the last month about where there are holes in my handmade wardrobe.

Another important take-away from MMM, though, was the handmade items that I don’t wear.  I figure how often I wear a handmade item during MMM is a pretty good barometer of how well I like it.  And if there is a handmade garment that fits my wearability criteria (i.e. is nursing friendly), and I don’t wear it or even think about reaching for a single time during MMM, it shouldn’t really have a place in my wardrobe.

There are several items that fit the bill this time around.

First up is my Red Velvet/Tiramisu mash-up:

Creative Counselor: Red Velvet/Tiramisu mash up
Red Velvet/Tiramisu

I didn’t wear this dress once all month.  Didn’t even consider it.  The reason: it’s too big.  I’ve lost quite a lot of weight since I made it, and the whole thing is just baggy now, particularly in the waist.

Still, the fabric is some of my all-time favorite, so I plan to salvage it.  There should be plenty of material in the skirt to at least make a tank top that I know will get plenty of wear this summer.

Next, my second Darling Ranges dress, which I think I blogged once, but then deleted the post by accident and was never inspired enough to re-blog.  Yep, that’s pretty much how I feel about this dress. I fiddled with the darts on my second DR and the result was that the bodice just didn’t fit very well.  Plus, in retrospect, while I liked the fabric, I didn’t love it as a dress, and therefore I don’t wear it anymore.  Again, I will probably salvage the skirt material for a top of some sort.

My cropped Briar.  I’m just not a crop top girl.  My belly is too stretched out and saggy after 3 kids for me to feel comfortable baring my midsection and our summers are too hot for much layering.  The reality is I will not wear this.

Creative Counselor: Basic Briars
Oatmeal Briar details

My Pina dress.  Now I actually really like this dress and I love the fabric, but it’s just a little too see-through for me to feel comfortable wearing it without layers.  And as above, summers are too hot for layers.  Instead, I think I will chop off the bottom and shorten it into a top.  I might even have enough skirt fabric for a tank top.  I love the fabric.

Creative Counselor: Pina Dress
Pina Dress by Megan Nielsen. Fabric from Girl Charlee

My second Sorbetto top.  Again, I never blogged it.  I actually didn’t like it very much when I made it, and I’ve only worn it once or twice in the last two years.  Time to say bye-bye.

And finally, my graphic print Miz Mozelle dress.  I haven’t worn this dress once since I made it, and it fits my nursing criteria.  I just feel really frumpy in it, and the print screams of my middle school days in the mid-90s.  I just can’t do it.

Creative Counselor: Miz Mozelle dress
Don’t you just love the day of or after a haircut when your hair has been blown out and looks 10 times better than you could ever do it? I may not shower now for a week! Oh wait, that probably would be the case regardless…Never mind.

How about you?  Anyone else purging after MMM?

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  1. Ya I’m cutting off the top of my staple dress. It just doesn’t fit or flatter me well and I hate that I constantly have to pull the dress down bc it rides up over time. My darling ranges still don’t fit well in the arm sync so I may redo the bodices of those. Although I like the fabric of my knit top I made a long long time ago it’s just too right in the arm pits to be comfortable so I think that one is going in the trash. We win some we lose some. I am a bit more discerning on what I spend my time sewing now though which is why I likely have 3 plantain tees, 3 Kelly skirts and 4 Ginger skirts. Those patterns fit me well and I enjoy wearing them!

    1. I totally get it! My sewing time is limited too so I want to make things I know I’ll wear! Looking at my wardrobe, I know that unless I have a special occasion coming up, I shouldn’t be making dresses but instead should make separates. And pants. I need to get over my fear and just fit a pair of pants already!

  2. Well, I dug some me-mades out of the donation bin just to avoid too many repeats, so. . . yes. Several things will go back into the donation bin. One of the pleasant surprises for me in my first MMM was that it motivated me to re-work garments I didn’t like. I chopped off skirts and fixed length issues and such. Some things are just unfixable and uncomfortable.

  3. I have a bunch that I didn’t wear this month- some were because of weather, but most were dresses, and I just am not feeling dresses so much now unless they are maxi length. I really need to focus on separates! I hope you make some pants! Maybe Jeans in June/July?

    1. I’m the same way. My biggest take away from MMM this year is that I need to stop making dresses for a while — I have plenty — and focus on separates, which is what I wear 80% of the time!

      I’m definitely in for Jeans in June/July! I think I’m going to tackle a pair of Thurlow jeans. I’d like a nice pair of trouser jeans and it will give me an opportunity to get that pattern fitted for work pants down the road 🙂

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