MMM 14

Me-Made May Final Roundup


May 24, 2014: Lazy Saturday that found me home with the kids for most of the day.  In my Pocketful of Posies dress.


May 25, 2014: Sunday, again home with the kids for most of the day.  A me-made nursing tank (need to get a tutorial up before I’m done nursing!) and my RTW jeans.

May 26, 2014:  Memorial Day here in the States.  This was the one day of Me-Made May that I did not get around to taking a photo.  I wore my Sorbetto top and RTW jeans.


May 27, 2014:  I was in court this day covering a hearing since my associate had a baby the previous Friday.  Wearing a me-made jersey pencil skirt and tank top.  RTW jacket.


May 28, 2014:  In court again, this time headed to SE Kansas.  Wearing my RTW suit and me-made Callie Top.


May 29, 2014:  No court, but I had to entertain summer associates.  In my Day-to-Night/Skater hack and RTW cardigan.


May 30, 2014: Last workday of MMM — yay!! This is such a TNT pattern and dress for me — my Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges and a RTW cardigan (not picture: My 4-inch platform sandals.  Love those things!).


May 31, 2014: Running errands in my (still unblogged) Summer Concert Tee and RTW jeans for the last day of Me-Made May!

That’s a wrap folks! Until next year.

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  1. I’d love to see your nursing tank top tutorial! I’m 34 weeks pregnant with number 2, so I’ll be needing nursing-friendly clothing soon! Thanks!

    1. Yes, I really need to get that done before I don’t need nursing tanks anymore! Taking photographs for a tutorial can be such a huge mind block!

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