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Great patterns for basic garments

Just popping in briefly today to talk about patterns!  Ah, patterns, my love and weakness.  I cannot resist a good pattern when it’s released (probably why my sewing room is overflowing with patterns that I’ll probably never have time to make!)

The market is awash with great indie patterns these days, but not all of those patterns are ideal for really basic items.  For basics, these are the main criteria I look for in a sewing pattern:

  1. Great fit.  Obviously.
  2. Classic style, i.e. not something super trendy that will be “out” next year.  Thus, the lack of hi-low hem patterns in my list.
  3. Good construction since I want these pieces to stand up to hard wear.
  4. Separates.  I love me a good dress, but for this kind of sewing, I want separates.

I have made some of the patterns included in my lists below (and included links to my reviews where they are available) but not all of them.  Many of them are patterns currently in my stash and all are patterns about which I’ve read primarily positive reviews.  I try very hard not to recommend duds!

T-shirts or Tanks:

Button-down Tops:





Any awesome patterns that I missed?

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Back 2 Basics

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Back 2 Basics

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0 thoughts on “Great patterns for basic garments

  1. Great list of patterns! I’m with you on the “Back to Basics”. This year is about versatility and practicality for me, which totally embraces “Back to Basics”. Can’t wait to see what you make!

  2. Great list of patterns! I’m all about versatility & practicality this year, which totally fits in with “Back to Basics”. Can’t wait to see what you make!

  3. I agree- this is a great list of patterns. I made the Birgitte Tee pattern 3 times this month. I’ve got the Maritime shorts and the Just a Tank Top patterns on my short list to make up in June. I’m really enjoying these posts about sewing basics!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying them! I love the Just a Tank Top pattern — so versatile. The Maritime Shorts are on my list for this month too. I desperately need some shorts!

  4. Thanks for the great list. I would have to add the Grainline Scout Tee as I love it. I can get one out from 1 metre of fabric, so it is great for all those fantastic expensive prints (Liberty etc). I wear mine to work and to the park, so an excellent all round pattern.

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