Coffee Date Friday

Coffee Date Friday {#21}

Boy, was anyone else just off this week?  I went through the whole week with my days all mixed up.  Except for today — today is definitely Friday!

Come join me for a coffee date!

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that J’s superhero costume party on Wednesday was a smashing success!  We had a great turnout and all the kids had a blast, especially J.  We even had a party crasher — another 5-year-old at the park with his dad and baby sister joined in the pack of our boys running around in superhero costumes, so we just made him part of the party.

I did end up finishing the muslin superhero capes for decorating, with a lot of help from my mother-in-law.  She cut all 20 of them for me when Baby J was napping on Monday and I serged the raw edges Monday night.  Then on Tuesday Baby J cooperated by taking a 3-hour nap, and she sewed all the ribbon ties on for me and finished the edges with some Fray Chek.  These never would have been done without her!  Or I just wouldn’t have slept Tuesday night, since I was up until 1am as it was finishing J’s Green Lantern costume.  But it was all worth it!

Creative Counselor: Coffee Date Friday
N with her boyfriend, P, painting their superhero capes. P turns 3 next week and his mom told me that the only thing he’s asked for is a cape. So glad he can be Super P now!
Creative Counselor: Coffee Date Friday
J with his posse of boys opening presents.
Creative Counselor: Coffee Date Friday
Creative Counselor: Coffee Date Friday
Cape-painting aftermath

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that we took J and N for their 5-year and 3-year well checks this morning.  They have grown really tall — especially N!  J has always been on the tall, skinny side (his BMI this time clocked in at <3%), but N was always quite petite.  Her height percentages usually hovered around 30-40%.  I knew she had grown a lot, but I certainly didn’t expect her to check in at 90% for height!  And skinny as well, with BMI in the third percentile.

And since it was his 5-year check up, J was due for his booster shots.  We’d been prepping him for the last week or two so he went into his appointment determined and ready.  He kept telling me over the last few days, “Mommy, the shots won’t hurt me, and I won’t even cry.”  Sweet boy. (And N would immediately follow that with, “Mommy, I’m not getting shots.  If I got shots, I would cry.”)  He got 4 booster shots and a finger prick (to check his iron levels and do a CBC).  In the end, the finger prick was the part that hurt the most!  The nurse did that first and after that ordeal, when he went to tense up for his shots, he relaxed after the first one and told us it didn’t hurt at all!

If we were having coffee today,  I would tell you that I’m looking forward to a quiet Memorial Day weekend at home.  This will be the first Memorial Day in a long time that we won’t have visitors in town, and while the long weekend is always nice for a long visit, it will be kind of refreshing to be just the 5 of us at home.  Hope everyone else has a fabulous holiday weekend as well (if you’re Stateside, that is)!

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?

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  1. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I can’t believe it’s the end of our term and we’ve got a week off which I’m going to spend with my sisters and their families celebrating the 2nd birthday of my darling sprog! I’d tell you that we got our school inspection report today and we’ve moved up to a judgement of ‘good’ and all the hard work has definitely been worth it. I’d tell you that my husband is going to watch the football team he supports at Wembley tomorrow. I’ve been banned from going with him as they always lose when I watch them play! I’d tell you that I’ve finally, after much procrastination, made my first piece if clothing from a paper pattern. It’s a sun dress for my niece and I can’t wait to see her tomorrow so I can try it on her to see if it fits!

  2. glad the party was a success! sounds like they all had a blast. hate the 5 yr checkup, seems so cruel to give them all those shots in one go. wish there was another way!

    1. It really does! We could have split them up but since he was all geared up, we just went for broke and now next year can be shot-free! He spiked a fever in reaction this weekend though 🙁

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