5 years

And now this gorgeous little man is 5 (yesterday)!  Five seems like such a milestone — it’s so surreal to think that my first baby has reached it.  He is headstrong and opinionated (and downright difficult at times, let’s be honest here), but also sweet and tender and sensitive.

Happy 5th birthday!
Photo by Red Bicycle Photography
Happy 5th birthday!
Loving on his brother and sister, as always. Photo by Red Bicycle Photography

Happy birthday to my big boy — we love you so much!

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  1. my baby turned 5 in january, and yes–it is a huge milestone! as is 10, which my oldest will reach in a few weeks… gulp. happy birthday to your boy, he looks like a great older brother 🙂

    1. Thank you — he really is a great big brother. Always looking out for his little brother and sister.

      Wow, 10. That seems so far away, but I’m sure those years just fly.

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