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The Wiksten Tank

And here we have my actual pattern review for the Wiksten Tank — my Joan Watson-inspired tank from Monday’s Project Sewn post.

Review of the Wiksten Tank pattern by the Creative Counselor
The Wiksten Tank

This is my second Wiksten Tank in an entirely different fabric, so I now feel comfortable giving an honest opinion of the pattern.  And my honest opinion is:  I’m just not loving it.

I love the idea of this tank, and in my opinion, you just can’t beat a flowy woven tank for the summer.  But this pattern is just not doing it for me.

Review of the Wiksten Tank pattern by the Creative Counselor
And with a cardi. Super comfy and it covers most of the issues with the pattern.

I think it might come down to the girls — in other words, my boobs may just be too big for this pattern.  There are no bust darts at all, which makes it an easy sew, but I think that’s also causing weird gaping in the neckline and armscyces when the fabric goes over my well-endowed nursing chest.  It fits comfortably in the shoulders, but as you can see, I have major gaping at the back neckline, and the armscyces fit funny as well.

Review of the Wiksten Tank pattern by the Creative Counselor
Back gaping.
Review of the Wiksten Tank pattern by the Creative Counselor
Front neckline issues.
Review of the Wiksten Tank pattern by the Creative Counselor
Cardi can’t hide everything 🙁

I could tweak the pattern, removing fabric here, adding there, to try to get this one to fit.  But, let’s be realistic — I’m probably not going to do that.  I have the Megan Nielsen Eucalypt pattern, which seems to fit me fairly well (I made a Eucalypt dress back before Baby J was born.  The Eucalypt has very low armscyces, though, so for a more daily-wear woven tank, I picked up the Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank.  I’ve never seen anything but positive reviews of the Grainline Tank, and it was hard to pass up at a mere $6.50.  It has a bust dart, which I find encouraging, so I’ll let you know how it works out!

The pattern instructions are good, and include instructions for French seams.  That is a nice touch, particularly since this is a very simple tank, and French seams add a nice, clean finish.  The thin bias binding at the neck and arms is kind of a b*&$%, particularly in my rather slippery rayon voile.  But the self-fabric bias binding gives a great finish that I like.

Bottom line:  This pattern probably works great for smaller-chested women, but the bosomy among us might have problems.

Review of the Wiksten Tank pattern by the Creative Counselor
But I will still wear it a lot. Feels like I’m wearing jammies!

Pattern: Wiksten Tank by Wiksten.

Size: M

Fit: Eh.  I cut a size M, which corresponds to my upper bust measurement, and it fits just find across the shoulders.  There are no issues in the waist and hips since it has a loose, A-line shape.  But, after two tanks in very different fabrics, the neckline fits me funny.  it drapes and gaps in weird places, and the armscyces do the same.  I’m not inclined to spend hours trying to fit this very basic tank.  Instead, I’m moving on to the Grainline one.

Fabric: A gorgeous drapey rayon voile from Michael Levine.  This fabric was backordered when I placed the order but it was sooo worth the wait!  I’ve never used rayon voile before, but I may just be in love.

Modifications: None.

Pattern Format: Wiksten patterns (all 2 of them) are available either as printed patterns or PDFs.  I have the PDF, which was actually among the first women’s indie patterns I ever purchased almost two years ago.


  • Simple construction.
  • Includes instructions for French seams.
  • Loose, comfortable style for summer.


  • No bust dart, which made for a difficult fit on me with my larger chest.  I just couldn’t get the neckline and armscyces to fit right.
  • Thin bias binding can be challenging to sew.
  • Nothing particularly innovative about the design, which makes me much less inclined to fiddle with the fit.

Overall grade: C.  There are many, many options for this type of woven top out there, from the Big 4 and indie pattern designers alike.  Therefore, I’m just not inclined to fiddle with the fit on this top to get it to work on my body.  I’ll definitely wear this tank, probably a lot, but I’m moving on to the Grainline top for my next attempt!

5 thoughts on “The Wiksten Tank

  1. this is such beautiful fabric, i hope it fits better when you’re not nursing! i’d move on to the TPT, even a not perfect fit is pretty wearable. the only issue i ran into was some pulling across the bust. i did some pattern alterations and cut out another today… hopefully to sew up tomorrow!

    1. I have hopes for the TPT. If nothing else, the bust darts will make an FBA easier.

      I adore this fabric! I will definitely wear it, gaping and all 🙂

  2. I love that fabric. It has a great drape.

    The Tiny Pocket Tank is a great pattern. Now it doesn’t fit as well (b00bs!) but, like you said, the darts can easily be manipulated to fix the shape.

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