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A Pocketful of Posies

Oops, I didn’t mean to post pictures of me in my pajamas — oh wait, it’s just my new Pocketful of Posies dress! (affiliate link)

Creative Counselor: Great review of the Pockets Full of Posies pattern!
Pocketful of Posies Dress

So I was one of the lucky testers for this new spring pattern from Blank Slate Patterns (affiliate link), and seriously, this is one of the most comfortable dresses I own.  It really is like wearing pajamas.

I admit that, because it is so much like pajamas, it definitely has a muumuu aspect to it with the pleated neckline and volume around the midsection.  But muumuu or not, I love it!

Creative Counselor: Great review of the Pockets Full of Posies pattern!
Please ignore the camera remote. It was being a brat that day.

When the invitation to test came around, I wasn’t originally planning to volunteer since I had a lot on my sewing plate at the time, but I saw the dress, realized how incredibly comfortable it would be, and immediately signed up.  I totally don’t regret it either — this dress was actually really easy to put together and is such a great bum-around-the-house dress.

Creative Counselor: Great review of the Pockets Full of Posies pattern!
Back view.

My fabric is an argyle cotton jersey from Girl Charlee.  I can’t remember if this was a cotton-spandex blend, and it’s no longer available on their site for me to check 🙁  It has a decent amount of stretch though, so I am assuming that there is some spandex in there.

The fabric was perfect.  The pattern doesn’t need a lot of stretch, but this jersey had enough to make the dress super comfy, but is also a bit heavier so that it was easy to work with and the pockets hold up really well.

The teal ribbing is also from Girl Charlee — their rayon spandex ribbing — and this fabric gave me some serious headaches.  Not that it was hard to work with, it wasn’t, but this fabric stretched like the dickens after I cut my band pieces.  My pattern pieces, even at the testing stage, measured the perfect width for ideal bands, and I cut my bands from my ribbing fabric.  When I went to sew them on, though, I noticed that I was having to stretch the neckline to fit the neckband rather than vice versa.  My neckband ended up growing 6 inches from cutting to sewing!  You can see in the pictures how the neckband is a little floppy — that’s entirely because my band grew after I cut it.

Creative Counselor: Great review of the Pockets Full of Posies pattern!
See the floppy neckband? The sleeve bands grew too but it’s not as drastic.

I’m not entirely sure how my bands ended up so big, and I admit that there may have been some aspect of cutting error on my part.  But even though I usually cut fabric at night (and therefore may be suffering from exhaustion), even at my worst I wouldn’t screw up cutting a neckband by 6 inches!

So, my only advice would be to pay very careful attention to the fabric you use for the bands in this pattern.  Check and double check to make sure that it has really good recovery because you don’t want a floppy neckband!

Other than that, I can’t complain about the ribbing.  It’s really soft and drapey and feels wonderful against the skin.  It would actually make a wonderful ribbed tank — hmm, summer project maybe?

Creative Counselor: Great review of the Pockets Full of Posies pattern!
Pocketful of Posies Dress

Pattern: Pocketful of Posies Dress (affiliate link) by Blank Slate Patterns.

Size: M

Fit: Really good.  This pattern is designed with a generous amount of room in the midsection.  However, it fits really well across the shoulders, which is really the important one in my opinion.  Technically, I probably need a small FBA in this pattern (yes, an FBA) since my full bust measurement is a tad bigger than the bust measurement for size M.  Because my bust is a little bigger, the pockets tend to flop open a bit, and I’m pretty sure that a little extra fabric in the bust area would fix this.  You can also see a bit of stretching from the bust to the armpit — all due to a large bust.  But, it’s not that bad and there’s already a ton of fabric in front (and my boobs won’t be this big forever), so I didn’t sweat it.

Fabric: Cotton jersey for the main and rayon spandex ribbing for the bands, all from Girl Charlee.  See my comments above for more discussion of the fabric.

Modifications: None.

Pattern Format: PDF pattern.  Blank Slate patterns are consistently strong in pattern formatting and instructions.  This pattern is in the style of a step-by-step blog tutorial with photos of each step.  Lots of handholding for those who need it.


  • Super comfy!
  • Surprisingly easy construction.  The front looks complicated, but it’s really not.
  • HUGE pockets.  Love me a good pocket!


  • Kind of looks like a muumuu.  I don’t really care, though because the comfort factor trumps.
  • The pattern is somewhat deceptive because all the fabric in front makes it looks like it can accommodate almost any bust size.  However, large-busted gals may find that the pockets pull open a bit in the bust area.  If you use the main fabric for the pocket facings, this isn’t a big deal, but could be if you use a contrast.

Overall grade: B.  This dress is a very particular style and doesn’t have the versatility of patterns that I give my highest grades.  It is, however, a fabulous at-home dress and its comfort factor can’t be beat.

**I received this pattern for free as a tester.  Also, this post contains affiliate links which means that if you click on one of these links and buy something, I get a small percentage of that sale (so if you’re inclined to buy a Blank Slate pattern, please click through and throw a sista a bone!).  But all opinions are my own!

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