Fashion Revolution Day

Fashion Revolution Day:  April 24 is the anniversary of the Bangladesh factory collapse that killed over 1,000 people.  Do you know who made your clothes?

Today, April 24, 2014, marks the 1 year anniversary of the factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed over 1,000 garment workers.  Workers who were overworked and underpaid and worked in terrible, hazardous conditions that we in the United State can’t even imagine.

The Western world has fallen victim to “fast fashion.”  Gone are the days when consumers appreciated quality workmanship, sustainable clothing, and safe, clean working conditions for garment workers.  And were willing to pay for it.  That’s the kicker right there.  All those things cost money.

Instead, the Western world is addicted to fast, disposable fashion.  We expect a t-shirt to cost less than $10, and wouldn’t dream of paying more than $50 for a dress.

While fast fashion may cost less in terms of consumer dollars, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag in terms of human suffering and environmental impact.  The factory collapse in Bangladesh was a prime example of that and helped put the price of fast fashion on the radar.

Today has been declared Fashion Revolution Day.  Bloggers and others around the world are wearing handmade clothing inside out to raise awareness of the cost of fast fashion.

Fashion Revolution Day: I know who made my clothes.  Do you know who made yours?
My handmade garment, inside out. French seams, great workmanship, sustainable conditions.

I know who made my clothes.  Do you know who made yours?

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