Coffee Date Friday

Coffee Date Friday {#14}

Sorry I missed our Coffee Date last week!  Well, I guess I didn’t really miss it — I was emerging from the fog, remember?


If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that I’ve been thinking a lot lately about those trendy buzzwords — introversion and extroversion.  I think Albert and I would each define ourselves as “introverts” to varying degrees.  We both can be outgoing and like social contact (me probably more than him — hence the blogging and my desire to talk things out to an extent that he finds annoying), but we also both crave our quiet alone time (for me, it’s my sewing time).  It is becoming abundantly clear, however, that J is a truly extroverted child.  Not in the sense of being the loudest, most gregarious, boisterous kid in the room (though sometimes that is true), but in the sense that he craves company and needs to be around other people to relax.

I’m not talking about the phenomenon of a generation that constantly needs to be entertained — we have not spent his whole life entertaining him.  This really goes deeper, down to the very essence of how he processes his feelings and perceives the world.  Being alone scares him, it stresses him out and makes him really anxious.  In the same way that a truly introverted person gets stressed out being in a noisy room full of boisterous people.  J wants to be around other people all the time. Even if he’s doing a quiet, “alone” activity like reading a book or playing a game, he wants to do it while sitting next to someone.  If I’m going to spend some time sewing during a weekend afternoon, he sits next to me at my sewing table and plays a game.  He expresses his emotion outwardly, rarely, if ever, keeping things bottled up.  I’m gathering that this is completely normal for an extroverted child, but to the more introverted, like me and Albert, he can appear to be whiny or acting out inappropriately.

We’re slowly learning how to deal with J’s personality that is so different from our own.  This past week, I’ve been working with him on slowly getting used to doing small tasks by himself.  Little things like going to the bathroom alone, running upstairs by himself to grab a pair of socks, or going into the basement alone to set up whatever game or toys he wants to play with before we make it downstairs.  But I’ll admit, it’s challenging.  Can anyone out there relate?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am very happy to have my husband back home after his weeklong golfing trip with his college buddies.  They spent most of the last week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, hanging out and golfing.  Obaachan (my mother-in-law) and I manned the kids while he was gone, and we had a nice week with more “Mommy-time” than they would typically have during the work week.  We had a beautiful, slightly windy weekend and spent lots and lots of time outside flying kites!

Creative Counselor: Coffee Date
J flying his kite.
Creative Counselor: Coffee Date
N, my little goofball.
Creative Counselor: Coffee Date
Me and my Baby J.

And please don’t ask when I’m going to get my “me time” vacation.  I’m still breastfeeding Baby J, so until he’s weaned (likely in the fall), I’m pretty much tethered to the kids.  Not my ideal situation, but a reality of being “mommy” that I accepted a long time ago.

On a lighter note, if we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you that I am LOVING the new spring collection from Republique du Chiffon!  I’ve seen this French pattern company pop up a few places in blogland recently (most notably, Kelly’s awesome Gerard coat!), and the simple, effortlessly chic vibe really appeals to me.  I love the loose silhouettes in this new collection — easy gathered dresses, elegant shifts, interesting but relaxed basics.  THIS is the style that I want to create for myself!  And so I bought four of the new patterns.  I know, I know, I have more patterns than I will ever be able to make, but I just couldn’t resist!  I’m thinking the Monique dress, a loose shift with cutouts on the sleeves, may be perfect for my brother’s Florida wedding this fall!

Oh, and I would also tell you how excited I was for the start of BASEBALL SEASON earlier this week!  I’m not a huge sports person, but to me, the Royals on television in the evening means summer.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me?

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  1. Oh I want all of those RDC patterns also! I am going to wait a bit until I have a plan for them, because I have several projects coming up that are on a deadline. But I will definitely make a few of them this summer! I especially like that dress with the cut out sleeves, so chic!

    1. I should have waited too, but sometimes I have absolutely no willpower! I will look forward to seeing what you make from the new collection — your makes are always so beautiful! I particularly love the Monique dress too — I’m picturing one in a large-scale silk print for the wedding, and then one in a solid lawn or rayon for lounging. We’re headed to southern California later this month for our other 2014 destination wedding, and my one request for that trip is to visit the LA fabric district. Hoping to buy fabrics for my RDC patterns while there!

  2. it’s crazy how kids’ personalities can be so different from our own! my kids run the gamut from extrovert to complete introvert. it drives me nuts when they won’t do “alone” activities by themselves. like coloring. sometimes the younger ones will insist that someone colors with them. it’s not enough be in the same room, or at the same table, but actively coloring the same page together. i am squarely in the introvert category, so i constantly crave my alone time! anyways, i need to check out the new RDC patterns, sounds like i would like them!

  3. I would sayYAY SPRING! And…little kids have BIG imaginations! My kids will remember “three fingered Willy” who lived in our basement. It’s hard to go anywhere in your house and be totally alone. My siblings and my kids were the same way. But, we all out grew it.

  4. I have an extroverted kid too, and as a true introvert, it is exhausting and boggles my mind. She loves to spend her time doing things that I tend to think of as “alone” activities – like drawing and embroidery (ha, just read Lisa G’s comment – it’s the exact same thing) – but she is always begging us to come draw with her, or sit next to her and watch her embroider.

  5. I find it amazing that your little guy would differ so much from his parents. That is…until I think about how much I differ from my own.

    I really find it fascinating that we are born to be separate individuals from our parents. As much as I like to think Ollie is going to be like me or Greg, at the end of the day he’s going to be his own person. Anyway, too much thinking!

    1. That’s so true. Many, many times we comment on how our kids do something that it so much like one of us, but when it comes down to it, they are each their own person. As Ollie gets older, you’ll love discovering the person he will become. I love babies, but to be honest, my favorite phases with my kids are these years as they get older, even though they can simultaneously be very challenging!

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