Lenten Resolutions

As anyone who follows my Coffee Date Friday posts likely knows, I go to a bootcamp class three mornings per week.  Each class ends with 10-15 minutes of yoga and time to practice being “present.”  Sharon, our fearless leader, always ends class with a short meditation or something to think about as we go through the day.

Naturally, some of these meditations resonate more than others.  On this Ash Wednesday morning, Sharon’s thought of the day was particularly impactful for me.  As we were starting to clean up, she called out, “Live simply! Love lavishly!”

Creative Counselor: Live simply, love lavishly

Live simply, love lavishly.  How much better our world would be if we all focused our energy on this simple mantra.

Lent kind of snuck up on me this year.  I didn’t realize yesterday was Mardi Gras until I started seeing it pop up in my Facebook feed.  And of course today followed with everyone’s grand Lenten resolutions.

As I’ve gotten older, and particularly in the last 5-6 years, my attitude towards Lenten resolutions has changed.  Every year, my good friend Julie half-jokingly reminds her family and friends over Facebook not to make some extreme Lenten resolution that will make them crabby and irritable and generally unpleasant to be around for the next 40 days.  Lent is a time of reflection and sacrifice, but the focus should be on making a positive, lasting change rather than completely depriving ourselves of some arbitrary thing that leaves us crabby for the whole Lenten season.

With a new baby, work, Albert starting a new business, and travel coming up in the next few months, there’s a lot on our plates right now. So while it would be nice to make an ambitious resolution like go to Mass every week, or volunteer to help those less fortunate, etc., it’s just not realistic.

Instead, I’m going to keep my resolution closer to home.  This Lent, my resolution, hopefully a positive, sustainable change, is just to live simply and love lavishly.

Did anyone else make a resolution?  Please share!

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  1. Love your words! I went to Mass yesterday to get ashes…Fr Mark talked about fasting, saying that fasting is not depriving ourselves but, making a change in our lives for the better and practicing it…something sustainable. Keep it simple!

  2. This is great! It seems as I get older, my views on Lenten resolutions change as well. At Mass, our priest talked about how it’s not about just giving something up and self-depriving ourselves (even though that is good to do during Lent). We should be making changes for the better and doing good for others as well. Also, a friend of mine put it like this: Lent isn’t a time for making more new year’s resolutions and what you start during Lent shouldn’t just end when it’s over. As for me, I’m going to try to complain less and be grateful instead.

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