Coffee Date Friday

Coffee Date Friday {#8}

Or considering the time of day I’m posting, maybe this should be Girls Night Out?

Well, since I’m sitting here with a glass of wine in hand before I spend the rest of my evening curled up with a motion for summary judgment and reruns of Sherlock, this image seems more appropriate:

Red wine

If we were having drinks tonight, I would tell you that I have a sinking suspicion that my girls’ sewing weekend won’t be happening, at least not this weekend.  Minnesota got hit with another huge snowstorm and the DOT has closed down I-35 from Minneapolis to the Iowa border.  So my friend is stuck in the frozen tundra of the Twin Cities.  Hopefully the roads will clear enough that she can head out safely tomorrow, but I’m not terribly optimistic.  It figures that it’s 60s and sunny here but I’m still having to complain about winter weather :/

If we were having drinks, I would marvel that we gave Baby J his first solid food this week!  His 6-month birthday is just over a week away, and he’s ready.  We decided to try Baby Led Weaning with Baby J, so we felt comfortable starting a week before his 6-month mark since it’s pretty unlikely he’ll get much in his mouth for the first month or so.

Creative Counselor: Coffee Date
His first taste of carrot!

If we were having drinks, I would tell you that I hate having to work (as in, at my day job) on nights and weekends.  I don’t have to do it very often, but occasionally I do.  Tonight I need to finish a draft of a motion for summary judgment, which means I’ll be up who knows how long finishing it.  Well, in reality I’ll only last a couple of hours before I put it away for tomorrow.  Ugh.  I’d rather be sewing.

If we were having drinks, I would tell you that I had to give Baby J his first taste of formula this evening ;(  I’ve suspected for the last week or so that my supply is starting to drop off a bit and not completely keeping up with his demands.  Every day at work I end up pumping 5-6 ounces less than what he drinks during the day so I’m having to break into quite a bit of my stash every night.  It’s getting pretty depleted.  Tonight when I fed him before bedtime, he just wouldn’t settle down, kept chewing on his hands, his blankets, anything he could get a hold of.  I made him a small bottle of formula, and he drank about 1.5 ounces and then konked right out.  Oh well, I made it 2 full months longer exclusively breastfeeding than I did with either of the other two, and I still plan to pump at work as long as I’m getting any significant amount.  Which means I’m not stopping anytime soon.

If we were having drinks, what would you tell me?

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  1. I’d be telling you that I’ve had a lovely week off with my little boy but haven’t got nearly as much done as I needed to. I’ve barely done any work in the evenings (which I’ll pay for next week) but I definitely needed a proper week off.

    1. It’s great to get a proper week off!! So glad you were able to spend some good time with your little guy. I wouldn’t worry about the work (or lack thereof) — it will still be there Monday!

  2. I found pumping depleted my supply too, on the days that you are not working try doing all the feeds yourself you will find it boosts your supply again, is a fantastic research based website for all BF matters, I wouldn’t have managed without!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I do all his feeds on days I don’t work and I find that I do have enough for him on those days but my pumping volume has been gradually decreasing over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully I have enough stash to get him to his 6-month mark before I have to start using formula to fill the bottles.

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