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My Secret Valentine

It was originally my intention to share my Make It Pink week outfit for Project Sewn today.  But, a few things came up, including but not limited to (ha-lawyer talk) the subject of this post.  As the days went on, I knew that if I tried to finish my Make It Pink outfit, it would get later and later and I probably wouldn’t finish it in time and I definitely wouldn’t finish the next one in time, etc.  So, instead of making a new Make It Pink outfit, I submitted my incredibly pnk Cake mash-up dress instead.  I will still finish my planned pink blouse, since it will use the lovely pale pink silk I bought from Mood, just not for another couple of weeks.

Back to business…

A few weeks ago, Sanae from Sanae Ishida and Ute launched their Secret Valentine’s Exchange.  The idea is basically a Secret Santa for Valentine’s Day, and all participants were randomly paired up, given basic information about their partner, and asked to sew something for them for Valentine’s Day.  I figured what the hey, and signed up.

I was assigned to sew for someone who lives in a far more exotic place than I do, right on the beach.  Someone with a love of neutrals and pops of color.  So, for this beachy toddler-mom, I decided to make a beach bag.  My personal favorite bum-around bag, actually, the Lickety Split bag from Made by Rae.

Creative Counselor: Secret Valentine
Lickety Split Bag for my Secret Valentine

I realized that anyone who reads this blog probably thinks that I make nothing but clothing.  And while that’s about 97% true, I do on occasion make other things.  In fact, this is actually the fourth Lickety Split bag I’ve made.

This is such a great, easy project.  It’s a great beginner project, and would even be a good first project for someone who isnt’ interested in starting with pillow covers or scarves.  There’s nothing particularly complicated with this pattern, and most of the sewing is straight lines.

Creative Counselor: Secret Valentine
Lickety Split bag lining

Typically, I would lengthen the handles by a few inches, since I think the pattern as drafted is just a bit short to be comfortable, but I only had one yard of my lining fabric, and the pattern is designed to use exactly one yard of each.  So, instead, I stuck with the pattern as drafted.

I have also used Rae’s pleated pocket tutorial on a couple of the other bags that I made, which I think is a really nice addition.  But they’re time consuming and I was short on time.  Also, I think that the basic patch pockets work well with the incredibly neutral fabric.

The main fabric is a natural linen from Joann’s.  It’s about the most neutral fabric I had in my stash, and I had plenty for this bag.  It’s also really easy to work with, is washable, and is a great weight for a bag like this.  The lining is a lovely orange flower print from the Heather Ross Far Far Away III line.  I’ve been hoarding my Far Far Away for far too long, so I’m trying to use it when I have the opportunity.  A lovely fabric like this really should see the light of day rather than languishing in my drawer!

Since this was a Valentine’s Day exchange, I couldn’t resist adding just a little something.

Creative Counselor: Secret Valentine
Hidden hearts

These hearts are hidden inside two of the pockets, as a small reminder of where the bag came from.

So there you have it!  Great pattern + lovely fabric = my ideal beach bag.  I sure hope she likes it!

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  1. cute bag! I use my Lickety Split bags ALL the time. How do you like your dress form? I need one so badly. I think it would make fitting so much easier.

    1. Me too! My Lickety Split bags are serious workhorses. Currently the two I’ve made for myself are serving as my knitting bag and my diaper bag. I’m thinking of using the rest of this linen to make myself a new knitting bag though. I’m not loving the fabrics I chose for that first one anymore — my tastes have changed a lot since then.

      I like my dress form a lot. I haven’t had it very long, so I haven’t had much of a chance to do fitting on it (and probably won’t for a little while at least — I bought one to match my non-nursing boobs). I got it from the Shop Company ( when there was a discount code on Gertie’s blog. They’re really, really reasonably priced, and great quality. I think mine was just over $200 for a full-on professional form, and the shipping was incredibly cheap given the size of this thing. I’d recommend it if you’re in the market for one!

    1. It is fun to take a break from garments every now and then. I think I might make myself another Lickety Split bag to replace the one I’m currently using to carry my knitting. I’d love to make one with more pockets for needles and such, and in a more neutral fabric.

  2. What a great bag- and i love the secret valentine details! i participated in the exchange too. it was soooo fun and i’m loving seeing all of the creativity that blossomed out of it all. thanks for sharing.

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