WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

So yeah, I still haven’t managed to get all my photo equipment out and take pictures of the plethora of finished objects hanging in my closet.  Pathetic, I know.  It’s actually on my agenda for tonight, so hopefully tomorrow I will have a more substantive post to share with you all!  I’m planning to have a little photo-taking party after the kids are in bed.  I’ll pull out the backdrops, the camera, pour a glass of wine, and change clothes all night.  Well, not all night.  Hopefully I still have time for at least a bit of sewing after it’s all done!

But since I don’t have any finished objects photographed to share with you all today, here’s a little glimpse of one of my works in progress:

Creative Counselor: WIP Wednesday
A sweater in the works.

This little number is destined to become my first hand-knitted sweater!  Isn’t the teal lovely?  The color is a little loud, but a bold teal actually looks really good on me and complements my coloring, so I decided to go with it.

The pattern I’m using is Flax from the Simple Collection.  It’s a basic pullover with raglan sleeves.  Hopefully I can finish it while there’s still cold weather on the horizon this season!

I’ve discovered a newfound love of knitting this winter.  (BTW, I’m on kglee01 on Ravelry).  I picked it up a bit here and there last winter and actually completed a project (that I never blogged — add that to my list for tonight!), but didn’t feel confident enough to try anything beyond cowls.  This year I just dove in, and I’m loving it!  The repetition of knitting is so relaxing and I love that I can do it while still hanging out with Albert or having quiet time with the kids.  I’ve been really motivated to sew this year, but am still struggling to find enough time and energy, so knitting does a nice job of filling the gap.  I can sit and veg in front of an episode of Elementary and still accomplish something creative!

What are you working on these days?

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  1. Wooo, congrats on working on your first sweater! The Flax sweater has been getting a lot of love lately – I’ve seen it pop up on a few other blogs! The teal IS lovely!

    I so agree about the repetition of knitting being relaxing. Lately I’ve just wanted to knit simple, stockinette stitch sweaters – it helps me unwind when other parts of my life are too demanding.

  2. Oooh, that is going to be a nice looking sweater. Knitting is actually my first crafting love, and the one I go back to over and over again. My husband has practiced Zen Buddhism on and off and during his intense periods of meditation he always tries to get me to join him, but I always tell him I don’t need to ’cause I’ve got my knitting!

    1. Thank you! If you’re looking for a first pattern, I would recommend Flax (so far). All the tutorials and hand-holding have demystified the sweater-making process for me. I used to look at those long complicated patterns and get so overwhelmed, but the detailed step-by-step tutorials have really helped!

  3. Oh wow that colour of wool is amazing! Your jumper sounds lovely, look forward to seeing it finished. I’m working on clothes for my new baby, planning an outfit for him for a wedding we’re going to!

    1. Thank you! And congratulations on your new little one! Sadly, I haven’t sewn anything for my new little guy, and I probably won’t until he’s old enough that he won’t outgrow it in a month! I’m not going to have any others to hand it down to so I decided to spend the time sewing for me 🙂

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