Barley #3 in action

Baby J’s Barley hat was actually the first one I made, but he’s not particularly fond of stocking caps, so I wasn’t able to get any good photographs of it actually on his head.  Luckily, he wore it for his 3-month photos with the lovely ladies at Red Bicycle Photography, and they got some cute shots of Barley #3 in action!

Creative Counselor: Barley Hat #3
Baby J sporting his Barley Hat at his 3-month photos

For Baby J, I made the Baby size and added an inch or so of length to make it a slouchy hat.  In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t done that and had made it a beanie instead.  Since he doesn’t sit independently yet, the slouchiness means that it tends to slip down over his eyes, which really makes him mad!

Creative Counselor: Barley Hat #3
Hi there!

But the extra length does mean that he’ll be able to get at least 2 years of wear out of it, and maybe even 3 depending on how much it stretches.  This is such a great quick pattern, and I love the simple, clean result.  A good friend of mine is having her first baby in the spring, so once she finds out the sex around the first of the year, I think I’ll whip up a Barley hat for that little baby’s first year as well!

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