Giveaway #1 — Fat quarters

Welcome to Giveaway Day! My stash is seriously out of control, so what better way to kick start my destashing than by giving some of it away?

When I first started sewing, I couldn’t help picking up fat quarter packs here and there with all kinds of cute and pretty fabric.  The problem is, I do pretty much exclusively apparel sewing, and most of that is adult garments.  Not much use for fat quarters.

Sooo, I am destashing almost my entire stock of fat quarters and giving it away here!

I have put together five fat quarter bundles which will go to five different winners.  The bundles are:

1.  Boy fabrics

Winner: Commenter #37, Carey~Gypsy Thread


2.  Kid fabrics

Winner: Commenter #85, Deb@asimplelifequilts

3. General quilting fabrics

Winner: Commenter #97, BreannaS

4. Red/black/white fabrics

Winner: Commenter #65, Judi Duncan

5. Flannel fabrics

Winner: Commenter #63, dianne


To enter, leave a comment telling me your top three bundles, in order of preference.  I will choose winners by random number generator.  The first winner I choose will get their first preference bundle, and from there I’ll try to give subsequent winners the highest priority I can!

This giveaway will remain open until 5pm PST on Friday December 13, 2013.  Shipping to US domestic addresses only.

Good luck!

0 thoughts on “Giveaway #1 — Fat quarters

  1. My top three choices in order of preference are:

    2. Kid fabric
    5. Flannel fabric
    4. Red/black/white fabric

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway !!!

  2. Ooooh, what a great giveaway! I was just thinking about planing a red quilt and here you are with a red/white/black fat quarter bundle! In order of preference,

    Red, white and black.
    General quilting

    So generous!!

  3. Red/Black/White, Kid and then General. I plan a black and white quilt.. might as well use red as the accent color instead of yellow. I think I will like that more anyway! I have several grand kids and then I can use the general for myself! THanks for the giveaway!

  4. lol…love the name of your blog! I would pick the red black and white first, the kid group second and the flannel third. Happy Holidays!

  5. 4,3,2. How very nice of you. Most of my sewing used to be garments and it still feels strange to buy 1/4 to 1 yard of fabric instead of 3 and 4 yds at a time. One other thing is how orderly scraps from quilt pieces are as opposed to scraps left after cutting out clothes. They don’t lend themselves to piecing as easily. Thanks.

  6. Wow you put together nice bundles.
    my choices are
    1. red, black and white
    2. general quilting
    3. kid fabric (it was a hard choice between kid and flannel)
    Thanks for the giveaway

  7. My first choice would be #2. Kids Fabric.
    Second Choice would be #3. General Quilting Fabrics.
    Third choice is #1 Boy’s Fabrics.

  8. 1-red/black/white
    2. general guilting
    3. kids
    Great giveaway thanks for the chance to participate!

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