The Waiting Game

I haven’t posted much about the nitty gritty of pregnancy here — that has primarily been reserved for my other blog.

But all the late pregnancy craziness, doctor appointments, exhaustion, frantic baby sewing, blah, blah, blah is precisely why it’s been quiet in my little corner of the Internet.

Creative Counselor: The pregnancy waiting game
A gratuitous belly shot. This photo was taken by J one morning. He learned how to use the camera’s viewfinder and is now quite the little photog!

As of today, I am at 37 weeks, officially full term!  I’ve been having pre-labor symptoms for the last week-ish, so I am hopeful that I might catch a break with this pregnancy and have an early delivery!  (The last two were at 40+6 and 40+1, respectively).

Despite all the WIPs sitting around in my sewing room, I have been plugging away at nursery sewing.  I eliminated several items that I had originally planned to make myself (crib skirt and changing pad covers, most notably), but the items I kept have still taken up quite a bit of time.  Particularly since I don’t have THAT much time to work on them, and I’ve been getting pretty tired lately.

But I’m down to the final item — the slipcover for the rocker — and then other than a few quick items like pads for the changing table and a back pillow or two, I can get back to the fun sewing!

So in short, sorry for the quiet space and lack of projects to show off, but I hope to be back with you all soon!

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  1. I hope you get some time to rest before baby comes. I am still so amazed at your sewing productivity while being an expecting working mama.

    Looking forward to seeing the little one soon!

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