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Must. Finish. WIPs.

My “nesting” bug hit a couple of weeks ago, which has led to a flurry of sewing for the nursery.  That was good because even though I purchased fabric back in April or May, I still hadn’t sewn a single crib sheet!  I don’t particularly enjoy home dec sewing, so I tend to proscrastinate it until the very last minute.

So far I have managed to crank out all the crib sheets and make a crib quilt.  A couple of changing pad … pads are cut and on my table just waiting for binding, and my solid fabric for the curtains and rocker cover is ordered and should arrive today.

Creative Counselor: WIPs
A sneak peek of my first-ever quilt! It probably won’t be the last quilt I ever make, but I am in no danger of becoming a quilter. This project really reminded me how much I hate hand sewing 🙂

But all of this baby sewing has left me with a pile of unfinished WIPs in various stages of completion.

First, Albert’s second pair of Jedediah Pants, in a lovely blue Essex yarn-dyed linen.  They are about 3/4 completed.  All I have left is the fly, the waistband and the hems.  Yet there they sit, untouched for at least the last two weeks.

Next, a simple elastic-waist skirt for me from some of my treasured Heather Ross Far, Far, Away III fabric is sitting there, also about 3/4 finished.  All that remains is to attach the waistband, sew up the remaining side, and then insert the elastic and hem.  I was pretty proud that I managed to squeak this skirt out of 1 yard and 1 fat quarter of fabric — I used every last scrap of that yard piece!

Third, a second Miette Skirt is cut and waiting for the sewing machine (and yes, second means that I have actually finished a first Miette Skirt.  Hopefully I will get around to at least taking some finished object photos in the next few days).

There’s the Eucalypt Tank from a thrifted men’s button-down shirt that needs to be sewn together.  Considering that this only requires a few hems and some bias binding, the fact it’s still sitting there is pretty sad.

And finally, a Lady Skater, modified for breastfeeding, is also cut and waiting for the machine. Since I likely won’t be able to wear that for several weeks still (i.e. until my belly shrinks back down to something ressembling a normal size after giving birth), this one is probably at the bottom of my sewing queue.

This is not to mention the pajama pants that I promised to make for Albert — his current ones are in hideous shape — or the nursing tanks that are floating around in my head (for which I just bought a bunch of fabric from Girl Charlee, so much for sewing from my stash!  In my defense, though, I think I only had one piece of knit stash fabric with a spandex content, and I have that earmarked for another project).  Or the BFing-modified Scout Tee for which I have modified the pattern but not yet cut test fabric.  Oh, and the knit Saltspring dress (or two) that I want to make.  Oy!

Please tell me I’m not the only one with an endless supply of WIPs!

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  1. sounds like a cautionary tale! unfinished projects gnaw at me until completion, so i pretty much never allow myself to have multiple projects happening at once. but, when i do let things get out of control, i make a big fat list so i can prioritize and cross things off as i go. you’d be surprised how much that helps! and ugh i hate home dec sewing as well… i have two living room ottomans desperately in need of re-covering…

    1. Oh, I know I shouldn’t let them build up like this! I like to cut multiple projects at once since I can do that while the kids are awake and that way when they go to bed, I don’t have to waste my precious sewing time cutting fabric. But finishing one project before I start sewing another would definitely be best practice. So little time, so many projects I want to tackle!

      I have chairs I’ve been meaning to recover for ages, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I’ll probably just buy new ones when the time comes!

  2. I almost always finish one project at a time, but I have several items hanging in my closet that just need little tweaks (things I noticed after wearing) and it takes me forever to fix that stuff. I hate hand sewing too! I sewed my quilt binding on by machine, couldn’t face hand sewing it!

    1. Well that makes me feel better! After the tediousness of hand-sewing the binding just of a baby quilt, I would have been completely amazed if you’d hand-sewn the binding of a queen. Particularly that fast!

  3. I love hearing what you’re working on! Can’t wait to see that Heather Ross skirt. I’ve got endless projects mentally started (does that count?!) including the new, free Hemlock Tee pattern from Grainline Studio (jersey, yikes!), the Skater Dress from Kitschy Coo (jersey again, yikes!), Figgy’s banyan trousers, another Tova top…I could go on….x

    1. Oh those sound like great projects! My mental list seems never ending also. I usually try not to let the unfinished WIPs get out of hand (though I do tend to cut multiple projects at a time for logistical reasons), but this time it just got away from me! I need to get through these so I can move on to my mental WIPs!

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