Girl sewing, KCW Summer 2013

KCW Summer 2013 Day 1: Why I don’t sew for my daughter anymore

First, please forgive the crappy iPhone photos in this post.  It’s what I had to do if I was going to get this top photographed before August because…N won’t wear it!  Shocker, that one. And it goes directly to my post title!

Creative Counselor: KCW Summer 2013 Day 2
N’s purple gingham top … that she won’t wear.

This little Made by Petchy top/tunic is one that I cut back in March and never got around to sewing together.  It was the first item on my KCW to-finish list this time, and it does feel good to get it out of my WIP pile, even if it is just gathering dust in her closet now.

This top is a super quick and easy sew, which is why I love, love, love it for a baby/toddler girl.  The whole thing goes together in less than an hour and is cute to boot.

I made the same mods that I made to N’s first-day-of-school top last fall (she won’t wear that one anymore either).  Instead of binding the armholes separate from the straps and then running the straps through the front and back casing, I ran 5 inches of 1/4″ elastic through the front and back casings to gather them.  Then I extended the armhole binding into tie straps on each arm.  I just really prefer the look of this to the pattern instructions.

Creative Counselor: KCW Summer 2013 Day 2
Elastic and bias straps

The inside is really pretty too.  I flat-felled all the seams so there is not a single exposed seam allowance in the entire garment.  Confession: I love flat-felled seams — I’m becoming a flat-felling fiend!

Creative Counselor: KCW Summer 2013 Day 2
You wouldn’t even know this is the inside if I hadn’t told you, would you?

The longer I sew, the more I appreciate a pretty interior to a garment.  And this is such an easy pattern to finish nicely, either with flat-felled or French seams.

Creative Counselor: KCW Summer 2013 Day 2
Flat-felled seams. Yes, this is the inside — hard to tell, I know!

Well, not much more to say.  I think it’s darling.  N won’t wear it.  Instead, she opted for a plain purple tank top and white shorts today.  Someday I’m sure she’ll like having more unique clothing, but until then, I always like what I make!

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